Vital Baby Unbelievabowl Suction Bowl Review

Unbelievabowl Suction Bowl

Vital Baby

Reviewed by Stacey Struthers

Our unique patent protected Unbelievabowl has been designed to stick to your baby's highchair or tabletop with ultimate, super suction power.

This bowl "does what it says on the tin"!

The unbelievabowl comes in two parts – a base which suctions to the highchair and a bowl which then attaches to the suction base. The suction base is incredibly easy to fix to the highchair and the bowl simple to fix on top, with a clockwise twist and click. The two parts are easily cleaned.

It is also possible to buy additional bowls to fit onto your suction base, so you don't have to remove the base between meals.

I tried very hard to remove the bowl once it was suctioned to the highchair – it didn't budge. This will therefore, prevent your little angel from throwing their dinner bowl across the kitchen, although you and your child will still inevitably end up wearing the contents!

The bowl will also help your child with self-feeding, as they won't be chasing the bowl around their table.

The only thing I didn't like about this product was the colour. I had an orange bowl and I like orange, but this was quite a dull orange which I felt cheapened a robust, well-made product. However, that is just my personal preference and there are others colours available on their website.

I would recommend this product. I think it represents good value for money, especially if bought with a value multipack of spare interchangeable bowls.

Rating: 4.5/5 

Buy from Vital Baby here.

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