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HGL Loom Twister Creative Case Review

LoomTwisterLoom Twister
Creative Case

Reviewed by Ella Richardson

I received the Loom Twister Creative Case from HGL and was amazed at how much was in it for the price, 2000 loom bands plus an extra 500 bands, clips, charms, loom tool and board all in a plastic storage case. It also included loads of different kinds of loom bands that me and my daughters haven’t seen before, their favourite were the glittery ones, so there was a lot of excitement when my girls got back from school.

One of my daughters had used loom bands before but never had any of the kits so was excited with all the extras to help her make the harder loom bands and the charms she could add. It was also great for my younger daughter who hadn’t done much as it had the tools to help her get started and make the simpler bands.

Since receiving the product it’s been fab as it’s something they can do together and my older daughter can teach the younger one (and me) and it’s been lovely to see them bond over it and they haven’t stopped we have been made lots of lovely bracelets and they have made loads for Christmas presents for their friends.

There are lots of bands in there so we won’t have to top up soon and they have already used lots of them. I would highly recommend this product and it would make a fabulous Christmas present as it keeps them entertained for hours on end and for the price it really is worth. It has it’s been lovely seeing them get so excited by the things they can make.

Box Contains: 2000 pcs Loom Bands, 50 pcs S Clips, 6 x Loom Charms, 1 x Loom Board, 1 x Loom tool and 1 x plastic storage case.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £15

Suitable age: 8 years +

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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