HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy Review

Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam 

We have always been a huge fan of HEXBUG and I’m sure I have a few hiding under my sofa as I type… I was intrigued when I read about them creating cat toys. HEXBUG are a brilliant company who make vibrating bugs for children that scuttle around a track. My son is obsessed by them, so when I was offered the chance to review one of the new cat toys they have brought out, I was really excited. 

We are a little cat toy crazy in our house. We recently purchased a beautiful Ragdoll kitten who absolutely loves to play. We have stacks of toys and her actual favourites are little mice. She runs around with them in her mouse, so I knew she would love this toy. 

The remote-controlled mouse arrived promptly and was well packaged. It was easy to open from the packaging and I didn’t really need any instructions to follow to understand how to use it. There were a couple of tabs on the back of the remote and we were away. 

The toy comes in two parts, a mouse and a remote control. It is nicely sized and the remote is perfect for little hands to use as well as grown-ups. 

I had a test run of the mouse before we brought our kitty, Luna, in to play with it. It was easy to manoeuvre (it only works on hard surfaces), and I liked the fact that when you press forward, it goes forward but not in a perfectly straight line, it twists and curves. This made it unpredictable to guess where it would go. The remote allowed you to go forwards, backwards, spin left, spin right and pause. 

When we brought Luna into the room. She instantly ran to chase the mouse. It was brilliant to watch. She loved it and kept trying to pick it and take to her bed. She is a house cat, so has never actually seen a real-life mouse, but she naturally knew it was prey! 

We then allowed our children to have a play with the toy with Luna. They also enjoyed this and have constantly been asking to play with it as they knew Luna enjoyed it as well as them. It was easy for them to use and they picked up how to quickly change direction to confuse the cat and keep her on her toes. 

Luna didn’t really get bored with the mouse and kept hiding behind chair or under tables, stalking her prey. It was actually really fun to watch. 

We have had similar toys to this, but none of this quality or as robust. Also, the others didn’t really attract Luna’s attention and broke pretty quickly. I’m hoping that this will last us a while.

The HEXBUG remote control mouse cat toy is priced at £14.99 which I think is really good value for a such an innovative cat toy. 

Overall, we thought this was an excellent toy and were totally impressed with the concept and design. A definite winner in our house. We rate it 5/5. I’m sure we will have hours and hours of fun with this cat toy. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from

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