Here Comes The Bride With A Wedding They’ll Never Forget


We’d like to be able to say that a wedding is all about declaring your love for someone to the world. But, that’s not true, is it. There are other parts of the wedding that you need to think about as well. Essentially, you want to make sure that your wedding makes a great impression and is designed to impress. You want people to be talking about it weeks later, saying how beautiful you looked. How inspired your choices were and how it was a day that they will never forget. That’s the actual goal of a wedding, isn’t it. It’s one chance to prove you can pull off an extravagant and stunning event. This all starts long before the actual day with the planning.

Sending Out The Invites

Straight away, people are judging your wedding and comparing it to the other’s that have already taken place throughout the year. That’s why the invites need to be stunning and perfect. You can purchase save the date wedding cards that are quite sensational. If you haven’t yet picked the date for your wedding, you can send out a card to let people know; you’re engaged. Fancy saving money without losing the splendour of the wedding invitation? How about using an Ecard instead. E-cards are notably cheaper, but they can be just as impressive. You can even include fun video files that capture the spirit of the occasion. Alternatively, you can hand make the wedding invites yourself. Though this is quite time-consuming, you’ll have an opportunity to put your own mark on the invites.

Choosing A Venue

Choosing the right venue will certainly help impress your guests. Don’t think too small when considering your options here because there are plenty of choices. You don’t even have to get married in your home country. Instead, you can be wed in a tropical location across the seas. The only issue with this idea is getting people there, and usually, you’ll have to pay their travel. As such, you might have to accept the idea of a smaller wedding or start saving now. But just think how impressed guests are going to be with your wedding if the invite has the word Hawaii on it. Or dare we say, Barbados?

Follow In The Footsteps Of The Stars

Say what you like about the celebs but they certainly know how to plan a wedding. If you want your wedding to be something no one will forget, take a note out of their book. Get a venue where a celebrity was married before. For instance, Tom Cruise was wed in a beautiful venue in Florence. If you do a little research, we’re sure you’ll find the venue where your favourite star was wed. However, we also imagine that you’ll need to book as far in advance as possible to secure the date.

Custom Made

We know the compliment you’re most hoping to get after your wedding. You want people to tell you that you looked like a true princess. Well, you can, but only if you get the dress right. The dress determines whether you look like a princess or a stripper for hire. As such, we suggest that you aim to have your dress custom made, rather than buying off the rack. An expensive option, certainly but one that is well worth it. Start saving now and you won’t be disappointed by how you look on your wedding day.

Your Own Style

You need to find a way to separate your wedding from the rest. We’ve already mentioned a few ideas from the location to the venue. However, these will no doubt be quite expensive. You might want to consider a cheaper option for making your wedding a little unique. Our advice is to be creative. Did you know that you don’t need to have the wedding march playing as you walk down the aisle? Instead, you can choose a song that is unique to you. Something that holds a message or meaning about who you are or who you will be as a couple.

You might also want to include something unique to you in the design of the table decorations. A simple change, but one that is sure to make your wedding stand out. For instance, as a young girl you might have been fascinated by archaeology. If so, on your wedding table, you might have different fossil carvings for guests to take home as a little treasure. A way to remember your special day. That’s not an original idea, and it was used at a recent wedding, so some up with your own. Something that makes your wedding truly unique and inspired.

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