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Henry Bell Bird Boxes Review


Reviewed By Mel Magnan

Once again I have been sent some really lovely items from the company “Henry Bell “ a company you can rely on to send excellent items really well made to last years . Last time I was sent some metal bird feeders to review which the birds flock to time after time and are still looking good .This time I have been sent two wooden bird boxes which came really well packaged and secure , and I know these will last over the years as they are really well constructed very sturdy and pleasing to the eye and are made of FSC timber and painted with a grey roof and white frame and smooth stained wooden front so should attract even the fussiest birds . The nest boxes come with hooks on the back so they can be easily hung to fences , or the house or onto trees and put up in the autumn. Ideally they should be hung at a height of 2 to 4 meters from the ground and away from feeding sites there is lots of other information on the paper bands that came round the nest boxes , including when to put them out ,how best to clean them once the birds have finished nesting there was a couple of ideas on there that I had never thought of . The first nesting box is a flat roofed one with an open front entrance which hopefully encourage species such as robins ,pied wagtails if you are lucky enough to have one of these type of
birds in your garden ,and also the tiny wrens , the second nesting box is the traditional one with the hole in the front which has a silver metal ring which is called a predator plate round the hole which stops other birds gnawing a bigger hole and getting in ,what a great idea I didn’t even know that was what it was for it tells you on the band round the box , also giving the birds a smooth entrance hope fully to encourage birds such as blue tits , great tits and coal tits , this one also has a flat roof. They both have drainage holes in the bottom which makes it easier when cleaning them out .The box with the hole has clips on the sides just under the roof so it can be easily opened and cleaned and make it secure , after taking any nesting material out after the birds have finished . I already have one nest box which the birds have nested in this year but a cheaper one there is no access for cleaning or removing any old nest so these “Henry Bell “ ones are so much better . Watching the birds in my garden have kept us entertained during lock down watching parents pop in and out of the box feeding their young its a fantastic thing to watch and knowing they have chosen our garden to nest so I have two new ones to put up .There is also a web site to go and look at to see all of the items this company sells which is vast , the nest boxes are very reasonably priced and can be brought from lots of leading shops and online sites such as amazon and eBay also garden centres, would make a lovely gift for any body who enjoys their garden .

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.15

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