Gullivers World Warrington Review


Gullivers World Warrington

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot and family

We recently visited Gullivers World Warrington. We were very lucky with the weather, although I need not have worried because over half the rides at the park were under cover.  Having entered the park the children ran excitedly to the Tea Cups ride.  Knowing how much my daughter likes to spin the tea cup, I decided to sit that one out.   The children then made their way through the maze which they thoroughly enjoyed.  We then headed off to the RAF museum which everyone found very interesting. We giggled about a lot of children asking their parents if the food in the cabinet was real.  Being able to buy a brick to write on was a really nice touch.   The children and more daring adult in our party headed for the Billy Bob’s Bi Planes which was a big hit.   The children persuaded me to go on the Runaway Train which was great fun. We had to persuade the children down from the Cowboy Climb or they would have been on it the whole day.  It was lovely to see the sheer delight on my daughter’s face when she was on the Pony Express.

 Having so many play areas scattered around is a fantastic idea as it meant that my daughter had something fun to do while the older child in our party was on rides my daughter did not feel brave enough for.  My daughter played in the play area while the others were on the Indian Creek flying raft but by the end of the day she was on the ride with them. Circus World was a popular choice with both adults and kids. We enjoyed watching the animals and circus performers as we rode round the track in the circus tent.  My daughter was amused by how soaked I got on the log flume and the older child in our party had numerous go’s on the snow toboggans while my daughter opted for the dodgems.

The park is well thought out for children with plenty of clean toilet facilities and refreshment stands.   We took our own picnic and sat near the log flume watching the ride.  There was plenty of choice of food and drink for those who chose to buy onsite refreshments.  After lunch we opted for some more gentle rides such as Tomb Raider and the Tree Top Swings.  The Carousel of Evolution was educational and exciting. It provided a handy rest for our weary feet.  My daughter watched the more daring of our party on the Flight of the Pteranodon before announcing that she wanted to go on herself.  She came off grinning from ear to ear.

We headed back to the Pirate ship and Indian Creek Flying Raft for a few more goes before leaving the park. Both children begged to visit Gullivers as soon as possible and said what a fantastic day they had. We are glad they said this as we can not wait to go back ourselves.   The staff could not do enough to help us and were polite and friendly at all times.  Queue times were good for a weekend day in the summer holidays. Gullivers World Warrington is highly recommended by What’s Good to do as a family day out. If you like us plan to go quite often we do recommend you look into Season ticket options on  Don’t forget the Splashzone where adults can stay dry while kids have fun.

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