Graco Sweet2Sleep Bedside Crib Review


Reviewed by Michelle

Having a new born baby is such a beautiful moment and one we treasure so much. Having then laying by your side it so comforting and reassuring that the Graco Sweet 2 Sleep Bedside Crib can give us and so much more. It means baby is right next to us during the night, we can keep an eye on them, feed them and all without having to keep getting up, down and in and out of bed.

With a number of grandchildren, nieces and nephews over the years, I have tried and tested many cribs and this one is by far the best. I can not rate this high enough. It is of outstanding quality, the workmanship is second to none.

It is pure heaven going to sleep and waking up with your baby next to you. I had our new addition to the family, a beautiful granddaughter and it was lovely to have her next to me. I felt safe and secure knowing she was right by my side all night. I felt reassured that if she needed me at any time, I was right there, by her side too. This crib allows you to bond with baby even more so which is very important during the very early stages of new born. It allows baby to feel just as safe and secure as it does for you.

The mechanism and operations of the crib are so very easy to use and it is great that that there is a see through mesh which makes it very easy to baby through it. There is another side panel that is also made of mesh which is very comforting and reassuring knowing that baby is getting plenty of airflow while in the crib.

He mattress is super super sturdy making it fit nice and snug into the crib.

As it comes on wheels, me and my husband took it in turn each night to have our granddaughter by our side. It was very easy to manoeuvre along with feeling very light and gentle.

The one side mesh panel being adjustable, it meant we could lower the panel to easily lift out our granddaughter, please she could see us too. Adjusting it was very easy and simple to do as well.

*Loved the fact that the crib has so many different height settings. This is amazing and works really well for different height beds, sofas and even outside next to the garden furniture. This really is an amazing feature and one I still keep talking about today to my daughter, friends and family.
*The other great feature is he different tilting positions. What a great feature to use when baby falls asleep not long after feeding. Instead of laying them flat, you can still lay them flat but in a tilted position and would definitely help with their belly and digestive system after feeding,

*Great features Graco, genius in every way and you have definitely excelled yourself with this crib!

Comes with carry bag which means you take it on holiday or even when you are staying at friends and family
Carry bag is machine washable
Offers 4 different tilting positions
11 different hight settings
The crib has folding feet which is great and means you can bring it nearer to the bed, works great with a divan bed
4 x unlock-able wheels making it easy to move around
Mesh side panels
1 x Adjustable side mesh panel which you can pull up or down
Each side of the crib has adjustable handles where you can increase or decrease the height of the crib
An amazingly soft and comfy mattress
Mesh covered Mattress
Mattress cover can be removed very easily to be able to wash it
Strap which wraps around the bed keeping the crib safe and secure
Comes with a 2 year warranty


From birth to approximately 6 months
Maximum weight of approximately 9kg / 19lb 13oz

L 95 x W 68.5 x H 66-81 Centimetres – Taken From The Graco Website
L 31.4 x W 26.97 x H 26-31.9 Inches
L950 x W 685 x H 660-810 Millimetres

Folded dimensions
L 89.2 x W 61 x H 17.5 Centimetres – Taken From The Graco Website
L 35.12 x W 24 x H 6.89 Inches
L 892 x W 610 x H 175 Millimetres

WEIGHT – Taken From The Graco Website
1.5 stone
18lb 15 oz.

At the time of typing my review, I found this at amazing price for just £120.00 with free delivery.

You can purchase the Graco Sweet2Sleep Bedside Crib direct from Graco by clicking on the following link:-

If you would like to find out more about the Graco Sweet 2 Sleep Beside Crib, there is an online manual, just click on this following link to find out more:-

We all love social media and what with most of us on it now-a-days, I was really pleased to see just how much Graco has taken to the social media side of things. I have provided the links to all their pages, apps and websites.

Online Queries:-
Tel:- +44 (0) 800 952 0063 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
Address:- Graco c/o Allison Baby UK Ltd Venture Point, Towers Business Park, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 1UZ, United Kingdom

: 5/5

What a great way to give you peace of mind whilst your new born baby sleeps and rests. If you are looking to buy a bedside crib for your baby, then this one, without a shadow of a doubt is the one. Go buy it today, you will not be disappointed!

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