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Reviewed by David Ashworth

In our modern lives it seems like we can’t escape technology. We order food from our computers, do our banking online and find all our information and entertainment on our tablets and smartphones. We even work online and transfer data and information thousands of miles in seconds all via the touch of a button. We socialise from our devices and can’t bear to be without them for more than a few seconds at a time. So I’m sure, like myself, you’ve all been in that frustrating position where you’ve gone out and forgotten to charge your phone or the kids tablets have run out on a long car journey and it seems like  a lifetime before you’ll get to the nearest plug socket to desperately try and cram in a few more seconds of battery charge to get your life back on track for another few moments before it dies again.

If this sounds familiar, take a look at The GP Charge AnyWay, it is a 2 in 1 USB battery charger and instant powerbank for AA and AAA batteries. It comes with 4x AA rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cable. This means not only can you keep those devices topped up, but also should you run out of standard batteries you can simply pop open the smoke black plastic cover and borrow them from the GP Charge AnyWay for your battery operated items (i.e. portable shavers, flashlights, etc). The GP Charge AnyWay is lightweight, stylish and fits in your pocket or bag for easy transportation and you can use non-rechargeable batteries to power the device if the rechargeables run out while you’re on the go.

GP Charge AnyWay puts out a 1 amp charge to mobile devices, which means all though it won’t set the world on fire it will reliably and safely charge your mobile devices, also you can use any USB to Micro USB cable with the device without any issues (some devices I’ve used seem to have an issue if you use other companies cables).

Although this product is definitely one of the better power banks I’ve used, being able to remove the batteries for other products and replace them with standard non-rechargeable batteries if caught short is an excellent feature, the GP Charge AnyWay is not without its faults.

The previously mentioned smoke plastic battery cover I think is a bit flimsy and would break or get lost easily. Also the green USB lights do not change colour to indicate if the batteries are fully charged or running out of juice. The power output really isn’t anything special compared to other powerbanks that are on the market, but it does have the added advantage that you can pop in some AA batteries and still charge your phone (you will get a complete charge for an iPhone 6/7 or about 78% for a Samsung S8)

I would give the GP Charge AnyWay 4 out of 5 stars as it is a great little product with the unique distinction of being both a battery charger and a portable powerbank that can run from batteries in an emergency so that you are still able to charge that all important mobile device.

The GP Charge AnyWay would be ideal for camping trips etc. where you have no access to plug sockets to charge a device as you can run from batteries.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.98

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