Good Bubble Toiletries Review

Reviewed by Emma Salmon

Good Bubble is an exciting new range of products for babies and children, bursting with natural goodness and containing pure superfruit extracts for an added twist.

Started in 2012, and endorsed by the Dragons Den, the company has grown and can be found online and in selected natural health outlets. Brought up around the family soap making factory, and gaining insight through her PR work, founder Amy recognised the importance of skin safety combined with bath-time fun, and developed this lovely range which includes bubble bath, hair and body wash, shampoo and conditioner in both dragonfruit and cloudberry fragrances.

98-99% natural, sulfates, paraben and PEG free – the only additives are a preservative and allergen free fragrances – these products have vegan society approval and use only sustainable palm oil – so you can be confident that you are doing good while you make yourself feel good. The superfruits have been chosen to utilise their enhancing and protective properties, especially gentle and nourishing for young skin and delicate hair.


We received some cloudberry hair and body wash (£3.69/250ml), and dragonfruit shampoo and conditioner (£3.69 each/250ml). The fragrances are delicious – the cloudberry comes from Scandinavia and smells a little like sweet cherries, with a slight vanilla undertone, while the dragon fruit has a deeper plummy scent with a hint of citrus.

The hair and body wash is lovely and moisturising, and soaps well without being too frothy – it is mild on the skin and gentle on the hair, but cleans well without leaving any residue. My son has sensitive skin but he had no reaction to the product, which is a good sign. I used the shampoo and conditioner on him in the shower and he was worried in case it went in his eyes, but all the products are tear-free, so he was able to relax and not panic that it would sting. You don’t need to use much of the shampoo to get a good lather, and similarly a small amount of the conditioner goes a long way. Both his very fine hair and my daughters dyed and coloured hair felt really soft after they used this product and the fragrance lasted well.

I would certainly recommend Good Bubble. Their products are scrumptiously fruity and full of goodness – they work well and are good for your child and the planet – what’s not to like!

Rating: 5/5

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