Go Travel Giraffe Neck Pillow Review

Reviewed by Jane Warwick

This product arrived in a bubble wrap envelope and it was great to see that there was no wasteful packaging such as a plastic mould or bag around the product. The instructions came on a rectangular piece of card attached by a small plastic tag to one of the ears of the giraffe. Instructions on how to wash this pillow and what material it is made of etc. was sewn into one of the “necks” of the giraffe and was easily removed using a pair of scissors once it was read. It is very useful to know that it can be washed easily especially as it is a light colour.

The pillow was instantly recognisable by both adults and young children as a giraffe being a lovely bright yellow colour with brown spots with a very cheerful face. My three-year-old immediately took it as a cuddly toy to play with. This was understandable as it is light, easy to hold with a lovely soft texture and very tactile with ears and horns to be tweedled.  

If you are not too fond of giraffes or detest the bright yellow colour, these neck pillows also come as a lion or monkey or as a wormlike creature/ caterpillar with four legs in three different colours; blue, pink or green.

I also liked the idea it has a small loop at the top of the head between the two horns so I could easily attach Raffe the giraffe (already it has been given a name which says something about the product), to the pushchair to prevent it getting lost. This proved very useful when shopping and helps towards my vision of a hassle-free holiday picturing in my head arriving at the departure lounge after traipsing the long corridors and Raffe is still with us.

For short or long journeys, it can be used as a toy to occupy the time. I have not had a travel pillow before so whilst driving found it hard to persuade my child to put it around their neck when tired as they did not want to fall asleep. I did find it useful to practise using it at home when sitting on the sofa watching tv and feeling tired, although I was a little worried this might make them always want to sleep on the sofa rather than on their bed so did tell them that Raffe’s main job is to make them feel more comfortable on holiday especially when we are on the plane. I am now wondering if I should have one too!

I cannot wait to try it out this summer for real, as a travel pillow but in the meantime my child has gained another friend who she loves and plays with, so what more do I want.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £8.99

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