Get Santa Review

GetSantaGet Santa

Reviewed by Debbie Tasker

Starring: Warwick Davis, Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall
Director: Christopher Smith
Certificate: U
Release Date: 5 December 2014

Yesterday we went along to see the very entertaining Christmas film, Get Santa, from Warner Bros due for cinema release December 5th.

Myself, partner and two stepdaughters aged 9 and 11 had a wonderful time and loved it. I would say it is suitable for all ages from 4-100 and feel sure everybody is going to enjoy it.

It is  few days before Christmas and Reindeer are found on the loose in London, Santa turns up in Tom’s garage saying he has crashed his sleigh while test driving it and Christmas is going to have to be cancelled if he can’t get back to Lapland asap. Tom ropes in his dad who has just been released from prison to help him and they set off on an adventure to Get Santa home!

Jim Broadbent makes a fantastic Santa, his scenes where he is thrown in prison had us all in stitches as he tries to be mean and moody around the other inmates. Newcomer Kit Conner is enchanting as Tom who is going to help Santa no matter what anybody says. Rafe Spall as Mike the unreliable Dad who is breaking all his parole conditions is also fantastic and believable. Warwick Davis has an excellent role as a prison inmate who has been digging a tunnel for years and has ‘little man syndrome’.

All the cast are great and scenery and special effects bring this Christmas film to life. I would love to visit Elf Town – what a beautiful well thought out place. No attention to detail has been spared throughout even the reindeers have their own talents!!

Tom and Mike save the day and the spirit of Christmas spreads to all those around them including some very grumpy police and prison officers and a nasty Parole officer.

This is a festive not to be missed treat for all the family.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Get Santa is in cinemas from 5 December 2014. Don’t miss it!


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