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Gazillion Incredibubble Wand Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

We have recently been on a bit of a mission to get the kids outside more and off the tablets and games consoles, as well as just spending a bit more quality time together – it’s so easy these days to have all four members of our household being sat in the same room but each immersed in their own electronic microworld. Other than getting us outside, active and our lungs full of fresh air, one very welcome aspect that we have noticed is that the kids (aged 7 and 9) are in fact still kids! I have lost count of the number of times over the past year or two I or my friends have commented how quickly kids grow up and that they would have little interest in some of the things that we used to enjoy as kids; that it is all about YouTube, Xboxes and tablets and less about treehouses, boardgames and dolls. I have had a bit of a revelation of late that whilst my girls do love their modern and electronic toys, they do also really enjoy the very simple and low-tech toys that children have played with for generations.

This week, we have been trying out Gazillion Incredibubble Wand. Now, in all honestly, I thought my seven-year-old might just about have been young enough to have enjoyed these, but had assumed that the older one would have turned her nose up at them a bit and not really had any interest. I was very wrong!

We have been in Center Parcs this week, and with everything that there is for the kids to do, I had thought that it might take a bit of persuading to get them off the climbing courses and out of the swimming pool – not one bit! They were both desperate to try them out! You can actually see why – these are no normal bubbles! The set that we were sent contained one giant bubble wand, a large bottle of special bubble mixture and a tray for loading the wand up with the mixture. The wand is massive – much bigger than any of our heads, so it was immediately obvious that any bubbles that it produced would be pretty big!

Because the wand is so large, you don’t load it up with bubbles in the same way that you would with normal sized bubbles – the bottle of mixture would have to be immense! Instead, the wand is loaded by pouring some of the mixture into the bubble tray and sitting the want on top, so it looks a bit like a frying pan. Once the wand is immersed, you then slowly pull it out and you will (hopefully) have a loaded bubble wand ready to work with! This part did take a bit of practise – the first few times, we kept popping the bubble before we had fully drawn it out of the tray, but we did get to a stage where it was much easier. I think this was partly that we got used to the technique and party that once the mixture was used more and a little frothy, it became easier to work with.

Once we had a system working, the kids had an absolute whale of a time with these! Because the wand is so large, you don’t create the bubbles by blowing on the wand as you would with normal bubbles, but by swooshing the wand, waving the wand and running with the wand. It was lovely to see the girls running around making their bubbles and their obvious delight at creating some truly massive bubbles – sometimes bigger than beachballs! They also found it hilarious watching them ‘blob around’ in the air as they floated away as they were too large to be stable and keep their spherical shape. They moved as they blew away and it really was quite hypnotic.

As I said, I never would have thought that my almost ten-year-old would enjoy these as much as she did, but she was completely delighted with them. We played with them for around 15 minutes and I think we used less than a quarter of the mixture, so I think they are great value. The bubble tray has a pouring lip on it, so once you have had enough for the day (or get rained off like we did), you can easily pour your remaining mixture back into the bottle for another day.

We all thought these were wonderful and weren’t the only ones, based on how many people stopped to look and comment on them. They are brilliant for throwing into the car for when you’re out and about with the kids and create absolutely no waste which I think is great – no need to search for a litter bin or carry rubbish home with you! They are a complete bargain at £9.99 and the kids are already asking for the other version, which creates hundreds of smaller bubbles in one go!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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