Feed Your Family For £70 Food Challenge Review


Reviewed by David Savage

I have only ever been into Aldi to pick up the odd bit here and there but have never done a full food shop in one of the stores. When I was asked to take part in the Feed Your Family for £70 Food Challenge I wasn’t sure I would be able to get everything I wanted to feed me and 3 year old twins, at least not for under £70.

When my vouchers arrived I popped down to the local Aldi supermarket to see how I got on. The first thing I noticed is that the store has plenty of choice and lots of different item from food to household and garden food to clothing and their Specialbuys are great bargains (although only in stores for a short period of time). The store was well laid out and everything was easy to find.

I didn’t have a shopping list but I knew I needed fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat (chicken and minced beef), pizza, snacks, drinks, milk, sandwich meats, nappies and sundries.

My first shop came out at just over £50 leaving £20 for incidentals like milk, bread and more fresh fruits and veg throughout the week. I was very surprised at the amount I actually got and apart from having to top up with fruit and veg and milk during the week what I did buy lasted about 3 weeks, so with better planning and a proper shopping list I could spend £70 per month on basic food to have 3 meals per day for me and the boys.

Now my concern before shopping was would I get brands I recognise and what would the quality be like? Yes Aldi do have some known brands but the majority isn’t, but don’t let that put you off as the quality is just as good or better – I particularly loved the sliced beef for sandwiches while the boys loved the pizzas (deep pan packed with toppings). The fresh foods were very fresh and lasted a while.

The only negative I personally found was with the Mamia Ultra Dry nappies, while they were a lot cheaper I found them too thin – that said they didn’t leak so did the job.

So could I feed my family for £70? If you leave out alcohol and stick to a prepared shopping list then most definitely. Deal a full food shop at Aldi saves a lot of money and I will be shopping there again. Although they don’t stock brands that I am used to buying the quality in most cases was just as good if not better and all at great prices.

But why take my word for it, pop down to your nearest Aldi store and see how much you can save over your regular shop. It’s easy to see why they a fast becoming a major supermarket and giving the competition a run for their money.

Rating: 4.5/5

Why not visit your local Aldi this week and see if you can feed your family for £70 without compromising on quality. To find your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.

4 half Star

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