FeD Cardiff Review

Reviewed by Yvette Morgan

I visited FeD in Mary Ann Street, Cardiff at around 1pm on a Sunday lunchtime, although it was busy, we were seated quickly by the friendly staff, who explained how everything worked and took our drink orders straight away. Described as a food exploration destination, FeD is an all you can eat buffet that has something to suit every pallet. You can choose to help yourself to the varied array of world dishes while chefs are on hand to cook your chosen dish while you wait.

Alternatively, you can order one of the new #ChefSpecial items, where you order one of the items with the waiting staff and the meal is freshly cooked and delivered to your table at no extra cost. The choices on offer are:

Beef Steaks – a 6oz sirloin steak served with roasted garlic butter and sage.

Baby Aubergine Curry – Baby aubergine with green cardamom flavour basmati rice (vegetarian special)

Chicken Valdonstana – Italian herbs and baked cheese chicken breast served with grilled mushroom

Pork Shogayaki – A sweet zingy flavour of grilled pork slice served with tomato and zinger relish

Crispy Fried Vegetable Dumplings

We chose the Chicken Valdonstana and the Beef Steak.

The Valdonstana was light and creamy with a gentle herby taste, the chicken was tender and juicy, I would recommend this for pasta lovers.

The steak was ordered medium rare and was tender and juicy, cooked to perfection, I would definitely order from the #ChefSpecial again.

We of course sampled some of our favorite Indian dishes while we were there.

As I haven’t visited for a few months I was keen to sample the spring cocktails on offer, I opted for a Feddy Favorite: A cool pineapple taste with a hint of mint and a light rum after taste, very refreshing perfect for the new Spring menu.

I was a little indecisive as to which cocktail to order next, so after a chat with the waitress, where she asked what types of soft and alcoholic drinks were to my taste, I took her advice and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea; an initial cola taste is followed by a fruity vodka after taste, this was also very tasty and refreshing, was very well matched to the tastes I prefer, I would trust them to choose for me again.

We ordered a mocktail for the driver, he chose an Apple Mojito; served on crushed ice I would describe it as more of a lime/minty taste than apple, it was very nice and refreshing. We didn’t have any children with us yesterday but when we have taken them in the past they have loved the Mocktails.

On to my favourite part of any meal, the dessert, and FeD has something for every taste.

I always choose a little bit of everything I like, I love not having to choose on specific dessert and always dither on what to choose, so FeD is perfect for me.

FeD is perfect for diners of all ages, and perfect for celebrating special occasions as you can all choose your favourite cuisine and enjoy the relaxed ambiance.

FeD is located in Central Cardiff directly opposite the Motorpoint Arena.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit

FeD, Mary Ann St, Cardiff, CF10 2EN | 02920 341501



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