Father’s Day 2018 Gifts Review

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Reviewed by Emma Stubbs

With Father’s Day approaching (17 June 2018), I find I have a lot of men to buy for – my own dad, my husband, my step-dad and my father-in-law! It can be difficult finding gifts that are personal and not the usual chocolate and alcohol, so I was delighted to be sent two products to try out to help in the search for the ideal present.

The first item was a Red Arrows leather zipped cardholder by Asali Designs.

Asali Designs specialise in leather gifts from purses to weekend bags, with most having a military theme officially licensed by the Ministry of Defence.

The cardholder arrived in its own drawstring bag with a neat leather square stitched on featuring the Red Arrows logo. The bag was also inside a beautiful white box with a silver motif. The packaging really did give the impression that this was a quality item.

The cardholder itself is a striking embossed red with the famous Red Arrows 9-diamond logo embossed into the leather. The information online claims it can hold 6 or more cards comfortably, but I have to admit that once I got past 6, it was too much of a squeeze. There is a zipped lined compartment for coins which also felt very tight – I have small fingers and I found taking individual coins out a struggle.

Aesthetically though, the cardholder is really lovely – the leather is of real quality and the embedded arrow design is simple and elegant. The cardholder is also available in the Typhoon range in brown or navy, which I think would appeal to more men.

My husband is very interested in the RAF, as his grandpa was an RAF pilot, and he donates when he can. It was really great to see that a portion of revenue from every sale on the Alani Designs website goes to selected military charities.

I would recommend this cardholder for any Dad who has an interest in the Red Arrows, but there may be other products from the same company such as the wallet that may be better from a practical point of view.

Rating: 4/5 | RRP: £35 | For more information or to buy visit www.asalidesigns.co.uk

The next item I received was a ring that claimed to help with snoring. My husband is a snorer, I am also a snorer. Our snoring has made us want to commit murder so many times that we have now resorted to separate rooms. So I was intrigued to see if a snoring ring would help reduce the earth-shattering din and help us get back to the same bed.

The Good Night Stop Snoring ring works via acupressure and has two points inside that apply pressure on certain points of the wearer’s little finger. My husband installed a snoring app that recorded his snoring levels in an attempt to see if the ring changed anything. After recording a few night’s sleep without the ring, he had a graph that showed a baseline of ‘quite epic snoring’. He then followed the guidelines of placing the ring on his little finger an hour before going to bed and seeing what happens.

After wearing the ring for a week (it is advised to try for 21 days), I’m sorry to say that there was no change to my husband’s snoring – in fact sometimes it was worse! The good news is, there are many reviews online that claim it has worked for others. And if it doesn’t work for you, there is a 30-day money back guarantee (excluding the cost of P&P to return).

Even though it didn’t work for my husband, I’d still be tempted to purchase it as a Father’s Day gift if I knew the person receiving it was renowned for snoring badly and their snoring was a longstanding joke. I would probably ask them to let me know if it didn’t work, then I could return it and they could have a different gift!

As it didn’t work for my husband I would have to rate it 1 out of 5, but it was worth a shot!

Rating: 1/5 | RRP: £35 | For more information or to buy visit goodnightsnoring.com

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