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Family Board Games for Christmas Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

I was chosen to review ‘The Very Merry Christmas’ and the ‘Mr & Mrs Family Edition’ board games and have just spent a wonderful weekend playing two great games with my family.

The ‘Very Merry Christmas‘ game (RRP: £20) contains: 42 cracker cards, 32 present cards, 4 playing pieces and a party hat.


This game is a bit like a Christmassy monopoly. Where instead of buying houses, hotels and stations you have to get the best presents for your stocking.

When we played it for the first time we found that the instructions were a bit confusing but (as I’m sure a lot of people do) we kind of half guessed it and ended up working it out.

Everyone in the game gets a coloured playing piece and then has to find the relevant fireplace on the game board. You also get a stocking that you have to fill with the most lavish high end presents in order to win the game.

You move around the board and there are different options such as looking into someone else’s stocking or getting presents to put in your own stocking.

If you pull a cracker with someone (it’s not a real cracker, you pick up a cracker card) you can you can steal one of their presents.

However, if you land on a carol singing square then you have to sing a Christmas song. This was brilliant as it got everyone playing and really enjoying themselves because you can’t sing the same song twice. But, if you land on the party hat then you get out of singing.

When everyone’s stockings are full you get to find out what is in everyone else’s stocking by turning over your present cards.

A sprout card means you lose and are out of the game but if you have two sprout cards then you win. If no one has a sprout card, then everyone else adds up the stars on their present cards and whoever has the highest number of stars wins.

The ‘Very Merry Christmas’ game is suitable for 2-4 players aged 8 to adult. However, we found it better playing with more people because It made it more fun.

I have really loved spending time with my family this weekend. It is such a long time since we have played a board game. This game will be something we bring out each year at Christmas time.

The ‘Mr & Mrs Family Edition‘ game (RRP: £17.99) contains: 100 question cards, 20 paddle round question cards, 12 it’s a match question cards, 4 paddle cards, 2 true cards, 2 false cards, 4 blank question  cards, 2 partner pads, score cards and score tokens. And you need a pen or pencil.


This is just the same as Mr and Mrs quiz show on the telly and we had such a laugh playing it. You need to play with a few people as you need someone to ‘host’ the game. And to make teams. The host asks questions and takes your answers.

In this game you have to pair up with either your partner or friends and then you get asked questions about your partner while the other player stays silent.

You write your answer on the partner pad and hand it back to host. Then the host asks the question again and your partner answers.

You then get to see if they match. If your answers do match, then you get a point.

The paddle round is where you both get two paddles, one blue and one red. Then the teams are asked questions and you must hold up a paddle. If you both hold up the same colour, then your team gets a point.

The ‘It’s a match’ round is all about getting a match. The host asks you a question and you have to answer true or false. This isn’t a right or wrong answer you just have to both agree. If you both agree and say the same (either true or false) then you get a match. You get 2 points for both saying the same and 1 point if you don’t.

This round was good for people who enjoy general knowledge quizzes.

I think this game is brilliant. I have had so much fun playing it. It has made me think more about my partner and what he enjoys, and I have also learnt a few new things about my family too.

This game is suitable for 2 or more players however you need more people to play so you have someone to host it and it is suitable for ages 10 to adult.

I think it would be best played with couples and definitely worth playing if you have friends over.

We have had so much fun this weekend playing both these board games and they would be something I would buy as a gift for Christmas.

I would rate both games as 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

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