Essential Care Lip Duo Review

Essential Care Lip Duo

Reviewed by Laura Fairbairn

The two products were wrapped together in green tissue paper and tied up with yellow and red ribbon. I had conflicting opinions on this: Whilst the look is perfect if the products have been bought and put together as a gift by a friend, it felt like there was a lack of finish that you can usually expect from a professional make-up company. It was very cute but a gift box or little make-up case/purse would really finish it off.

In addition to conflicting opinions about the packaging, I was struck by the thought that the gift set would be perfect if a lip liner was included. It turns out, great minds do think alike as when I looked on the company website a lip liner has been added and the gift is now available as The Nude Lip Kit (Special Price £30.00 RRP £36.00) – The colour included may be different but the principle is there! A lip liner is not a necessity and as a gift the Lip Silk and Lipstick combination is lovely, but the option of including this extra is definitely a good idea.

Shea butter is well known for its beneficial properties and the positive effects it can have on the skin. I myself have previously enjoyed using many products with this as a main ingredient and have always seen very good results, so I was excited to try the two products.

I first tried the Lip Silk. I was a little disappointed that there was no hygienic seal (i.e. a seal around the opening that shows the product has not been opened or used previously) – on either item. However, upon using the product, I immediately noticed the pleasant taste or rather the lack of a bad one! A recent experience with a lip balm (of another brand) literally left a very nasty taste in my mouth that was very hard to get rid of – and, no, I was not eating it! The Lip Silk immediately made my lips feel smooth and soft without any feeling of stickiness at all. I suffer from dry and chapped lips on a regular basis, but after a few hours, of wearing this, my lips were extremely soft and any dryness had disappeared!

The lipstick is a lovely pink shade and reminded me very much of the colour of the roses my friend had for her wedding in Cyprus – a warm and gentle version of hot pink. I first tried the colour over the lip silk and found it to be very thin and difficult to spread evenly, so i wiped off the lipstick and lip silk and started again. The lipstick on its own is much easier to control and provides a more even coverage on the lips.

The next time I used it was for an evening out so I applied the lipstick once using a brush, added a light covering of power and then reapplied (again using a lip brush) and the result was really very pleasing! The colour was even, vibrant and glossy! Not only this, but it lasted for the duration of the evening – even after food and a couple of drinks.

Overall, the two products are of very good quality – I am particularly impressed with the Lip Silk! I would love to get the lip liner to go with the lipstick as I believe it would complete ‘the look’, but at £12.50 each, I will want to make sure I am choosing a shade that will work with multiple lipsticks.

If I were to grade the products separately I would give the Lip Silk 5/5 and the Lipstick 3.5/5. Overall, as a combination I would give a 3.5/5 rating – it would be probably be higher, but I wouldn’t necessarily use the two products at the same time.

Rating: 3.5/5

Special Offer Price: £22

Available to buy fro Essentail Care here.

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