English Tea Shop Organic Holiday Collection Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

The gift came in a well packaged envelope so it was a perfect star shape. The gift is comprised of a cardboard star shape in white with an attractive design in red, silver and gold. There is also a smart gold threaded loop so that the star can be hung on the Christmas tree, mantelpiece or where ever you fancy.

When you open the gift, there are six little boxes inside, each containing 1 tea bag, which fit neatly within the star design and each box is easy to extract. The front of each box has the name of the particular tea and on the back of each box are the details of what makes up the tea, together with clear instructions as to how long the tea should be brewed.

The names of the teas are very Christmassy and festive – Berry Savoury Pie, Savoury Blend, Glory Day, White Tea Lychee Cocoa, White Vanilla Bread and Happy Holiday. The tea is enclosed inside a mesh triangular tea bag with a string, so the tea bag can be easy placed within a cup and boiling water can then be added to the cup. The tea is then brewed for the allocated time after which the teabag can be easily removed using the string. My only reservation is the amount of packaging for basically what is 6 tea bags, but I have to admit the packaging is well done.

I particularly liked the Glory Day Tea, a chamomile herbal tea with a hint of cinnamon, apple rosehip, orange and cocoa. I enjoyed both the smell and taste of this whilst my least favourite was the savoury blend as you could not taste all the ingredients that were supposedly in the teabag apart from apple and black tea.

This is a very good value gift and will be a lovely treat for an herbal tea lover or a surprise treat for someone who has never tried herbal or different flavours of tea before.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £2.65

For more information visit www.etsteas.co.uk. Available to buy from Vitalife Health.

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