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Ecoegg Laundry Egg Starter Kit Plus Dryer Eggs Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

The products arrived neatly packaged and protected by paper in a cardboard box. The products are a Ecoegg Laundry Egg Starter kit “Spring Blossom”; ecoegg Dryers Eggs “Spring Blossom and Ecoegg Washing Machine Detox tablets.

Each product is in a brown cardboard box clearly labelled as to what they are, with a drawing of the item on the front of the box.  I was extremely pleased to review these items as I had heard about them in one of my favourite magazines and noted the starter kit had been awarded a Getting Greener award from Good Housekeeping 2020. To me that is a good sign. The starter kit states on the front that it is the complete replacement for laundry detergent and fabric conditioner and would last for 70 washes. Also, on the front of the box, it states that it is kind to skin and has no harmful chemicals; is an allergy friendly product and has the Getting Greener Award label from Good Housekeeping. As the laundry egg has no harmful chemicals, it has been awarded Allergy friendly by Allergy UK. The sides of the box mention a 10-year guarantee (that is good news), and that it has not been tested on animals; is suitable for vegans and is dermatologically tested.

The instructions are found on the back of the box in written and diagram form explaining how to open the egg and insert the mineral pellets. The contents on the back state a laundry egg case, 3 bags of white minerals and 1 bag of black tourmaline pellets. There is also a warning that the egg can irritate eyes and what you should do if this happened. The list of ingredients did not tell me anything except some surfactants are anionic and others are non-anionic and they contain perfume. There is a lot of information on the box, but it does not look crowded and though the main background colour is brown the logo ecoegg in black stands out as does the laundry egg in pink. I think it is an attractive, modern design. Keen to start using it, I opened the box and found a pink plastic laundry egg in 2 halves; a holder for the egg (Laundry Egg stand), in white plastic with suction cup; three small bags of spring blossom scented mineral pellets and one small plastic bag of tourmaline pellets plus a detox tablet wrapped in plastic, together with instructions.

Having recently replaced our washing machine, I had been doing a monthly clean of the machine to make sure my washing machine lasts a long time. Fortunately, it was due its monthly clean, so I followed the instructions, unwrapping the detox tablet from its wrapper and placed it into the drum of the washing machine on its own. I then put it on the cleaning cycle for my machine but if you have not got one of those, the instructions advise you to use the hottest cycle available for your washing machine. The whole point of this is to clean the washing machine as deposits from powders, liquids and the water itself build up over time in the pipes and crevices which make the washing machine less efficient and smelly.

It is important to remember never to put clothes into the washing machine when it is doing its cleaning cycle. This done, I then was ready for the next stage. Following the clear instructions (also written in three other languages Italian, German and French), I opened the little bags of pellets and added them all into the larger half of the pink Laundry egg and then followed the instructions on how to close it and make it secure. The instructions give you clear advice on what to do and what not to do and inform you that you can also use the egg for hand washing and washing of delicates. A minor flaw perhaps in getting greener is perhaps having the mineral pellets in three small bags as opposed to one larger bag as all of them were used to fill the egg to the required level. I then looked at the Laundry egg stand and liked the idea that you can have it in two positions depending where your washing machine is. I placed the suction cup at the back of the case and stuck it on the front of my machine, so the laundry egg is right there, ready to put on top of the washing, once in the drum. (Again, very clear instructions on how to assembly as well as suggestions on where to put the stand). This stand is a simple idea but really neat and useful making sure the Egg is at hand. Washing in, the egg placed on top in the drum and cycle selected. It advises you to use temperatures less than 60 degrees Celsius which I already do. I was pleasantly surprised that the clothes came out clean and smelling nice as I was not sure what to expect. I then decided to wash some trainers which were a bit muddy and they also came out really clean and smelling nice. I am impressed. I then thought I better have a go of the Dryer eggs. In the Dryer Egg box (again nicely packaged, clear information and extremely clear easy to follow instructions), were two pink dryer eggs and 4 fragrance sticks (Spring Blossom). I washed the bathroom towels using the Laundry Egg and then placed these towels into the tumbler dryer with the two dryer eggs with fragrance sticks inserted in the middle and left them to tumble. Not sure if I saved on electricity as I forgot to time how long the dryer was on, but it states you reduce drying time by 28% which is not to be sneezed at. However, when I took the towels out, they were dry, soft with a spring blossom smell.

You can get the Laundry and Dryer Eggs in blue as well as pink and buy the laundry egg with pellets sufficient for 50 washes. Of course, as you would suspect you can also buy refill pellets, and detox tablets separately and fragrance sticks for the dryer eggs as one of these lasts about 40 dries. Also, if you do not want the fragrance spring blossom, you can go for fresh linen or even fragrance free.

I like the fact that the box and instructions are printed using vegetable-based inks and the packaging and plastic are recyclable though not sure what category 5 for recyclable is. I do think it is important that products are environmentally friendly so pleased with what I have seen with these products.

The company was founded in 2008 providing effective, eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products; with its products sold in over 50 countries. In 2016 Ecoegg was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for innovation.

Would I recommend these products? Certainly, as I am very impressed what I have seen so far and will be interested to see how many washes I get out of the Laundry egg so keeping a tally!

Rating: 5/5

£9.99 ( +£4.99 for 50 wash refill pellets)
ecoegg laundry egg starter kit £11.99 ( contains laundry egg and detox tablet to deep clean washing machine)
ecoegg Dryer Eggs: £7.99 – £9.99 (+£4.99 for fragrance sticks)
ecoegg washing machine Detox tablets £3.99 for 6 months supply

These products can be purchased from Ecoegg company and Amazon.

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