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Orchard Toys Post Box Game Review


Reviewed by Elly Sax

We are in lockdown number 3, home learning is now the norm, and we have been looking at ways to keep a 2 year old entertained. We have been to the park (a lot), we have read books, made play dough and drawn pictures. One of the things we love to do is play games, so when we had the opportunity to try out The Orchard Toys Post Box Game we were really pleased. We have a few Orchard Toys Games and have found that they really stand up to rough toddler play. They are always really good quality and entertaining so I had high hopes for The Post Box Game.

The box contains everything you need to play. There are 4 post boxes with stands which attach at the base to keep them upright, the post boxes are each a separate colour, one green, one red, one blue and one yellow. Also included are 16 coloured envelopes in the four corresponding colours. Quite simply the main aim of the game is to post the coloured envelopes into the correct post box. My little one took a few goes at the game before he understood the aim, the first few times we played he was more interested in assembling and disassembling the post boxes. What is nice is that Orchard Toys expect toddlers to play this way and they make sure that the card used for the games is sturdy enough to withstand even the roughest of play. The card is very thick and is coated in a glossy layer over the play side and the back. This means the games last really well and can be wiped clean if necessary. The Post Box Game is designed for ages 2 and up and you can play with 1 or more players up to a maximum of 4.

One of the things I really like about the Post Box Game is that they could have produced just plain red, yellow, green and blue envelopes and children could post them into a corresponding plain post box. But Orchard Toys went further. The envelopes each have the name, address and picture of an animal. When playing, rather than just saying “let’s post a yellow envelope” you can say “let’s post the cat’s letter” or you can look at the addresses and ask your child to find the envelopes with certain numbers in the address, or you can turn them over and hunt for all the same colour envelopes to post. I think this is the feature I like best, the game grows with your child, what starts as a simple colour recognition and posting game can be used to really enhance play, allowing children to improve their language skills, letter recognition, number recognition, turn taking, hand eye coordination and memory skills. Included in the instructions in the box are details of 3 different games you can play but there are definitely more than 3. On top of all those I have already mentioned, some other benefits of this particular game are that it is made by a UK company and produced in the UK, supporting British industries is something I feel strongly about and buying games from Orchard Toys allows me to do this. I also love that the makers realise that children lose things, included on the Orchard Toys website is a section where you can order replacement pieces for games and it also has a section where you can download instructions to all the games if you ever need to replace them. I absolutely loved playing this with my 2 year old and would highly recommend it to anyone with a toddler to entertain.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.75

This item can be purchased from the Orchard Toys website here.

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