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Eco Rascals Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Jo Tebbs

The clock is busy ticking, there are less and less advent calendar doors to open, so this can only mean one thing…we only have a few days left of manic Christmas present buying before the magical day itself arrives!

If you are looking for a really gorgeous and super practical Christmas gift for any baby or toddler, then eco rascals certainly offer a beautiful range of natural, organic bamboo based, weaning and tableware products for our little cherubs.

With the eco rascals product range being designed for children aged 6 months to 4 years of age, you can purchase a present that will not only last for years, but will get a huge amount of use, whilst at the same time you’ll be safe in the knowledge knowing that you’re helping to look after our planet for the next generation to come!!

We are all becoming extremely conscious about climate change/ global warming and the importance of trying to help safe guard the future of our world. Unfortunately, many Christmas gifts end up unwanted sitting in the back of a dark cupboard, or are plastic based and will eventually end up in land fill contributing to the issues our planet is struggling with. eco rascals are a brand passionate and motivated in reducing the use of plastic in the UK. They have created the most delightful of dishes ready for delicious dinners, made from organic bamboo which has been grown without the use of pesticides. This means that they are eco-friendly! Being both recyclable and biodegradable, buying these products will help to prolong and preserve our wonderful world! Even the packaging the gift set come in is recyclable!!

The detachable silicone elements of the tableware pieces are made from FDA approved 100% silicone, so eco rascals really are sticking true to their word on reducing plastic use because their products don’t contain any! They are also free from BPA, phthalates, melamine and lead.

If you visit the eco rascals website (, you can view all the super cute various designs of plates available for purchase. Would your toddler enjoy chomping chicken from their dinosaur plate, or pretend to play in the fields gnawing carrots from their bunny plate? I just adore the designs eco rascals have come up with and the idea that we can make eating food fun for our kids! Depending on the design of plate chosen, will depend on the number of sections for food that each plate will contain (for example; the rabbit has 1 section, the car has 2 sections and the owl has 3 sections).

I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to review the eco rascals gift set which contains a suction plate, suction bowl, a spoon, a cup with a silicone straw feeder section and two bamboo straws. Rather than receiving a quirky designed plate, we received the ‘classic’ toddler plate which has 3 sections that are perfectly set up for separating out the food groups during meal times. This more ‘simple’ approach to dining design is still very appealing to the eye! Having silicone suction elements to the items in the gift set means that you can choose a colour to make your tableware standout and further adds to the aesthetic attractiveness of the set. There are a range of different colour options that the silicone comes in dependant upon the set chosen.

We chose a vibrant, bright blue silicone and I can honestly say that it really does bring the gift set to life and make it ‘pop’ with colour. However, if we had chosen the more subtle grey option instead, then it would have blended in with our dining room colour scheme. With such a lovely colour choice available, it’s a very tricky decision to make! To be honest, all the colour options and designs are fab – so it’s very tempting to buy a few different ones!

The presentation of the gift set is flawless! eco rascals genuinely make their products with love, and this clearly shines through in the way they display the gift set and it’s contents. The items are beautifully laid out in the box as you open it, and the straw like filling adds a tasteful ‘natural’ look to the presentation. At least with this level of care that eco rascals gives it’s gift sets, it takes away some of the stress and hassle for us when wrapping presents… especially at this time of year! All that would be left for me to do if I was gifting this, is to literally pop it in some wrapping paper!

To date, I have never owned any ‘suction’ based tableware for my toddler, so I was rather intrigued to see how well the ‘suction force’ would work on these. I have to admit that I’m very lucky, my little girl is a relatively ‘mess free’ eater, but she does have a habit of lifting up her plate or bowl towards the end of a meal irrespective of whether or not it’s empty, her way of telling us that she’s had enough or finished… and that’s when things can become a little precarious whereby food/ liquid can spill everywhere. She was certainly somewhat perplexed at the end of dinner to find that the plate didn’t move as she had expected it to, she then approached the bowl with the same lifting intention and low and behold, that bowl didn’t budge either! Other than this lack of movement leading to her getting somewhat frustrated that she couldn’t lift it, the silicone suction certainly worked its magic and it didn’t shift, it fitted nice and firmly to her high chair table and stayed in place. I feel that eco rascals have seriously considered the sizing and features of all their products because they fit perfectly on her high chair without being too wide or large so there is no over crowding of her eating area.

The dimensions of the tableware pieces are as follows;
Toddler plate – 21.5cm (length) x 19cm (width) x 3.5cm (height)
Bowl – 12cm (length) x 12cm (width) x 7cm (height)
Cup – 11cm (height) x 7.5cm (diameter)
Straws x 2 – 15cm (long)
Spoon – 14.5cm (long)

The drink cup and straw was an absolute winner for us!! I like the fact that you have the option to help teach a child to drink from a cup (or use it in this manner if they are a little bit older and already accustomed to drinking from cups). Alternatively, there is a silicone lid that can be placed over the cup and from which one of the straws can get poked through. Your little darling can proudly hold the cup and you can be rest assured knowing that no drink will go flying or get spilt everywhere. For some reason, my little girl loves to shake anything with liquid in it, so I’m super pleased to be able to let her hold this cup and be independent (which she thrives on!!), but I know that I won’t be needing to mop up any spillage!

To look after and care for the bamboo sets and to ensure their optimal longevity, everything should only get washed in warm soapy water. Unfortunately, the only real negative thing with this set is that it’s not dishwasher friendly and also can’t be used in microwaves or sterilisers! All the silicone components should be removed before washing and left separately to dry. The set should be stored in a dry, cool place. eco rascal also advise that to prevent the bamboo from potentially getting rough and drying out, then each month you should cover the set in a thin layer of coconut oil and leave it to soak in and dry over night.

Both my daughter and I really enjoy meal times with this new feeding equipment and I would certainly say I’m now a total convert on the use of natural, non-toxic bamboo, rather than the plastic counterparts which are so readily available to purchase.

The eco rascals gift sets are more expensive than other bamboo sets I’ve seen on the market, but these are of exceptional quality. I feel that for the amount of use and the length of time that our plate set is going to last for, then they are worth every penny!

You don’t have to buy a whole gift set though, the individual elements ie. plates or spoons or bowls etc, can all be bought separately, so no matter what you decide on for the perfect present and no matter whether it be for a baby shower, christening, birthday or Christmas present – all of the items are available to purchase on the eco rascals website!!

I would rate this product 4.5/5
The RRP for this item is £43.90
You can buy the eco rascals Gift Set from eco rascals here;

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