A Summer Birthday Celebration And Some Christmas Gift Idea Inspiration – Part 2 of 2


Reviewed by DT (initials used to protect my childrens’ privacy)

My daughter had her 16th birthday in the summer holidays and for various reasons I wanted to make this particular birthday extra special for her.  I was therefore delighted to be sent some products which I gave her for her birthday.  Whilst she had these for her birthday I think that all of these items would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Tilley Hat

I tend to find my daughter very hard to buy for these days and family members tend to ask her to pick out the clothes she wants.   That said, having seen how thrilled some other reviewers had been with their Tilley hat I felt confident enough to ask my daughter if it was something she would like.   To my delight… and relief…. My daughter’s response was a positive one.  Who, as a 47 year old non fashion savvy mum knew that apparently bucket hats are ‘in’ fashion wise.  My daughter then set about working out what size she needed and which colour she would like.  She found the sizing tool on the home page of the Tilley website easy to use and within no time at all she was able to tell me which size she would like as well as settling on black for the colour.   Her hat arrived quickly and she was delighted with it. I am told it fits really well.  I think it will be a wardrobe staple for many years.  Yes, the price does make it pricier than some other hats, but I think the quality of the item and the fact that it has a lifetime guarantee make it well worth spending money on it.   The Tilley website is well laid out and easy to navigate.  I have had hats myself which do not stand the test of time. It protects her head so well from the sun as well which is something that as her mum I am delighted about.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Tilley as a brand as well as this particular product.  In fact, some day I hope that I will have my own Tilley hat for those hot summer days.

Rating: 5/5     Buy here.      Read the full review here.

This Is Silk Pillow Cover

My daughter, much like myself, has long wavy hair which can be tricky to manage.   I had read somewhere about the benefits of sleeping on silk for your hair and so I was over the moon to be sent a pillow cover to review.    This is not a full two sided pillow case.  It has one full side fabric wise plus straps to tie it onto your pillow.   My daughter was delighted when she heard this was being sent out.  She quickly gave the available colours some consideration and settled upon pink.   The shade of pink looks so beautiful and stylish.  She has got plenty of use out of this and I think it has been great for helping her look after her hair as well feeling nice and soft to sleep on.  I would recommend this particular This Is Silk item to others as well as This Is Silk as a brand.   They have such a lovely range of items on their website and I think that their items are reasonably priced.   I think this would make a great gift for a teenager in your life and the price point actually makes it something that they could possibly even buy for themselves.   I actually hope to get her a full silk bedding set because she liked this product so much.   There are so many This Is Silk products which I would really like myself too.  I find their website informative and easy to navigate. 

Rating: 5/5      Buy here.   Read the full review here

Kids Life Clothing Tommy Hilfiger 2 Pack Organic Bralette and 2 Pack Organic Bikini

As I mentioned earlier on, I find my daughter very difficult to buy for these days. I am not very fashion savvy at all. I tend to therefore ask my daughter what she would like clothing, accessories and footwear wise.  When I mentioned the Kids Life Clothing website to her, there were a number of items which she liked the look of.  I found the website easy to navigate and the owner/founder has been so helpful and approachable when communicating with me.   My daughter received a pack of 2 Tommy Hilfiger bralettes and a pack of 2 Tommy Hilfiger briefs.  I love the simplicity of the designs.  One bralette/pair of briefs is white and the other bralette/pair of briefs is grey.  They arrived quickly and my daughter really liked them.  They are well made and fit well.   They look really stylish but also comfortable in the practical sense.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these items or Kids Life Clothing on the whole to others.   I think that these items would actually make great stocking fillers this Christmas.   The prices are great and there are some good savings to be made on the Kids Life Clothing website. I think that the website could be a fantastic place to use when updating your child’s wardrobe on a budget but not wanting to compromise on style, trendiness or quality.

Rating: 5/5    Buy here and here.  Read the full review here.

Receiving the above products definitely helped make my daughter’s 16th birthday so special.   We also did a review of a theme park.  My daughter took along some friends and went off with them for most of the day while I spent the day with her little brothers.   This was a fantastic day out which everyone who went thoroughly enjoyed.  My sons have been begging to go back since our visit.   I think that having a combination of physical products as well as a family day out worked really well. 

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