Easter Chocolate at Sainsbury’s Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Supermarket giant Sainbury’s have a large range of Easter eggs and chocolate treats including their own brand range of Taste the Difference Belgian chocolate. For review I was sent the following:

Belgian White Chocolate Easter Egg (100g, £3), Belgian White Chocolate Easter Egg with Pistachios (220g, £6), Belgium Dark Chocolate Easter Egg (100g, £3), Belgian Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (100g, £3), Milk Chocolate Egg Splats (40g, £1) and a bag of Milk Chocolate Micro Eggs (100g, £1).


The Belgian chocolate eggs all come in a clear plastic box so that you can see the decorated eggs held inside. The 100g white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate eggs are decorated on one half in a different colour; the white chocolate is decorated with a very light green and spots, the dark chocolate is decorated with a deep purple with spots and the milk chocolate is decorated with a shimmering gold and spots. The 220g white chocolate with pistachios is decorated on one half with the light green and has speckles of pistachios throughout both sides of the egg.

The quality and taste of the chocolate on all 4 eggs is absolutely delicious, creamy and smooth and of great quality. The white chocolate egg being my favourite. I wasn’t too keen on the white chocolate with pistachios, the chocolate itself is great and the pistachios make it nice and crunchy but the pistachios weren’t to my liking (but I’m not a lover of nuts). The milk chocolate egg is luxurious and melt in the mouth quality chocolate, while the dark chocolate is rich and creamy.

Any chocolate lover will love the taste and quality of these eggs and whether you like milk, dark or white chocolate there is something for all tastes. The labelling on the eggs says Taste the Difference, well you definitely can. I would rate the quality of these eggs 5 out of 5 (even though I wasn’t keen on the pistachios, but that’s just my personal taste and not really liking nuts).

After tasting the eggs (no I didn’t eat the entire eggs one after the other) I waited until the evening to try the remaining items.

The egg splats are great, I love these – there are 5 pieces in the packet with a mixture of milk chocolate topped with a yellow chocolate yoke and milk chocolate topped with white chocolate and with a yellow chocolate yoke. As a small chocolate treat these are excellent. I would rate these 5 out of 5.

The milk chocolate micro eggs are micro eggs with different coloured crunchy shells. Again a perfect chocolate treat. I would rating these 4 out of 5.

Overall the Belgian chocolate Easter eggs, especially the white chocolate for me, are the winner.  The difference in taste between the Belgian chocolate and the “regular” chocolate of the egg spats and the micro eggs is very noticeable and while nothing wrong with the “regular” chocolate the Sainsbury’s Belgian chocolate is far superior.

At £3 for a 100g egg of the Belgian chocolate, it’s not the cheapest egg on the market (or the dearest) but the difference in taste and presentation is worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Available to buy from www.sainsburys.co.uk.

4 half Star

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