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Drumond Park Articulate for Kids Review

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

Articulate for Kids from Drumond Park is a great fast talking board game that can be played by kids from the age of 6. As with the adult version the idea is to describe as many card entries to your team mates in 30 seconds.

The categories are compiled by an educational specialist with 336 cards and over 2000 entries the game will enthral young inquisitive minds. At the best of times trying to get kids to be quiet is a challenge now us adults will stand no chance.

Articulate for Kids is a brilliant game to play. The educational aspect of the game is a major plus point. Kids will love playing it without realising they are learning at the same time.

If you are lucky enough to own the adult version as well you can play the kids at their own game too! We love playing this board game. As I try not to cheat or break the rules but I keep getting caught which adds to the enjoyment.

The sound of high pitched laughter is always a good sign when we play board games in our house. Articulate for Kids ticks all the boxes of an outstanding board game and we would highly recommend it.

Suitable for 4-20 players age 6-12 years.

For more information visit or find Drumond Park on Facebook and Twitter.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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