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Drumond Park Articulate Review

Reviewed by Lucy Knight

I am an Articulate newbie. I had wanted to purchase the game for a long time as I was a firm lover of charades as a child and had assumed this would be along the same lines.

Upon receipt of the Articulate board game from Drumond Park I opened it to set it up. It contains the quarter fold circular board, spinner arrow, sand timer, 4 playing pieces, 400 cards with 3000 entries and rules.

Articulate is a fast paced talking description game; the aim of the game is the try and guess what your team mate is describing from the card before the sand timer runs out. For every card you get correct, you will move a space round the board. There are 3000 entries on the cards so the game should not get repetitive any time soon. You cannot say what the letter begins with or how many letters it has, say any derivative of the word for example if the word is ‘implicating’ you cannot say ‘imply’. You must also not say if it rhymes with or sounds like certain words. You must not gesticulate, mime or act or pass a card and not play. Once I had read through the rules I realised how different it was from charades. I was a grown up version where you had to really think about what you were saying (in a limited time).

I teach 14-18 year olds functional skills English so had decided that it would be a good starting or finishing activity for my sessions. I had decided to play the game with a group of the health and social care students after they had completed a practice test. I thought it would be a nice way to distract from the exam preparation and wind down in the lead up to Christmas.

There were a group of 4 of us to play, we read the instructions as a group and got the general gist of how to play. I mixed the ability of the players in the teams to make it fair and we began the game. My students got really involved and seemed to enjoy the game. Some did struggle with some of the questions though and the time ran out.

Overall, Articulate is a fantastic game, we had such a laugh playing it and I cannot wait to play it more with my family.

Suitable for 4-20+ players age 12 years +.

For more information visit or find Drumond Park on Facebook and Twitter.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £32.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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