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Dremel Home Décor Kit Review

Reviewed by Jane Hopkins M.B.E

If you’re arty, like I want to be then you’ll love this. It’s a tool, much like a big pen that enables you to engrave onto many different materials. I learnt at my cost that you don’t need to apply much pressure, just have a confident grip and let the tool do the work for you – especially on glass.

The Home Décor Kit comes with both the Dremel 290 Engraver and the Dremel 930 dual-temperature Glue Gun.

It comes with some templates that you’ll need to practice with but they are lovely templates, great for Christmas. I bought some small glass candle holders from Amazon (the square ones made it far easier to engrave on) and created some pretty gifts for friends at Christmas. It was very simple to do – once practiced! You can go one step further and use the glue gun with glitter to decorate your engravings more too. I think this would appeal to children particularly.

The kit comes with a book, which I thought was going to be full of tips and ideas, and although there were a few, I was disappointed in the level of creative ideas it provided. However you can google to find websites with lots of help, there’s also some Youtube videos. But I think the key is to let your imagination go wild and see what you come up with. There’s some brilliant ideas for Christmas baubles out there – very simple yet effective.

The engraver isn’t overly noisy, it’s comfortable to handle, not too heavy and even when freestyling with writing, it is smooth – I was expecting my writing to look like I was on a train but it was really surprisingly good and with practice I’m sure I’ll start to experiment.

The glue gun is great fun and makes creating projects so easy. It warms up quickly and dries quickly too so you don’t have to spend any time waiting to apply the next part of your project. Don’t worry about the stringy bits of glue that you think will to ruin your creation, it comes off really easily once dried!

I would recommend, especially at first using the templates that come with it, but also create some templates of your own, or when using transparent glass, put a picture beneath to trace over. Remember mistakes cannot be rectified so practice!

I’ve used it on glass, ceramics, wood and leather and it really is very easy to use. A brilliant gift for a crafter or someone who fancies a new hobby. It also doubles up as a great security aspect – you can engrave your details on almost anything, from your dog’s collar to your car’s windows or your camera.

And it’s great value for money too.


I give it a 4 out of 5, losing a point because of the instruction booklet – they could have provided so much more inspiration and how to information. But even so the product itself is a must for any crafter.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £39.99

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4 Star

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