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Dremel 3000 Home Repair Kit Review

Model no: 3000-3/105

Reviewed by Lee Talbot

I’ve always been drawn to a Dremel, it’s one of those tools that you feel you should have in your arsenal at home. The multiple things it can do is both a positive and a negative though. As a tradesman myself I obviously use a lot of power tools, but even I struggled to get to grips with this. It comes with a couple of manuals, and I really had to study them to get anything working, but once I worked it all out things worked well.

I love the fact you can switch around the accessories by hand. I used the sanding option on a door frame, and it took the paint back to the wood quickly and efficiently without digging in. The cutting disc went through a length of stud bar without any issue. I was unable to test the polishing, grinding, or engraving options as I couldn’t find something to test them on. I can’t see them not producing great results on any of those though. The flexishaft, is a wonderful accessory, very agile in tight positions. I would probably use that at all times as it gives the unit better range as the power cord could have been longer.

You get a nice bag to store everything in, which is roomy enough to put it all away without a problem. One bonus would have been getting the Multi Chuck in the package, it’s in the manual but must be an extra as it’s not included. Everything seems solidly made, the weight and build quality felt really good. The only qualms are the steep learning curve may put people off, the compact nature means it’s only ideal for small jobs, and I still have nagging thoughts about just how many times you would use it. That said, it isn’t expensive, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and definitely can do things that other tools just wouldn’t get to.

A perfect tool for those small home repair jobs.


The Dremel 3000 Multitool Home Repair Project Kit contains the popular 3000 Multitool, 3 useful attachments and 105 high quality genuine Dremel accessories including EZ SpeedClic accessories which allow for quick and easy accessory changes. This Home Repair Kit also includes an inspirational Home Repair Project Booklet so you can begin using the kit immediately.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £79

For more information visit www.dremeleurope.com.

4 Star

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