Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Starter Kit Review


Dr Brown's Natural Flow Starter Kit


When I first got this product I have to admit that I was a little dubious about what the packaging was claiming. I doubted that a bottle could reduce colic and help with burping and wind but I was wrong.

Our baby took to the bottle very easily and I was amazed to see that Dr Brown's Natural Flow did indeed reduce colic and help with wind and burping. In this starter kit there is 1 larger 240ml baby bottle, 2 smaller 120ml bottles, 2 level-two teats, 2 level-three teats and 1 cleaning brush.

In recent studies this product was recommended by 90% of health professionals to reduce colicky symptoms. In the same study 75% of mums who used Dr Brown's reported an improvement in their baby's colicky symptoms.

After using it I have to agree with their findings.  Dr Brown's Natural Flow does indeed help reduce these symptoms and would recommend it to anyone with a baby or expecting.

Rating: 5/5

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