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Reviewed by David Savage

It’s nearly spring, a time for everything to be fresh and renewed, a time to clean and revitalise your home. So, while there are plenty of spring cleaning products for the home available, I was delighted to try out some stain removers for clothes, clothes need to be looked after as well to prolong their life.

ACE products have been around for over 50 years (10 years in the UK) so they have plenty of stain removing experience. I was sent 4 of their products to review: ACE for Colours, Ace for Whites, ACE Stain Remover and ACE Power Mousse.

First up, I tried the ACE for Whites – this has been specially formulated to remove stains and whiten whites. I had a white pillow case they had blood stains on in from a scratch on my head (which I was unaware of) so I gathered up all of my whites, including old sports socks that were looking grey and ready for the bin, and started a wash.

I added some of the liquid to the pre-wash compartment in the washing machine drawer as directed on the bottle, along with adding laundry detergent and fabric softener. I washed as normal and the results were great. The blood on the pillow case was completely removed. The old socks were a bit whiter, not perfect just better.

I will be using this all the time with my white washes to keep the whites white and if there are any stains, I am very confident they will be removed, after all, blood is usually quite hard to remove.

Next up was the ACE for Colours. Again, this did a great job of removing stains, including mud from trousers. It is suitable for all fabrics – even silk, wool and cashmere. It also helps keeps the colours in your clothes brighter and removes odours. New red school jumpers have been washed several times with this added to the wash and the colour is keeping, not going the usual dull red/pinky colour that they have a tendency to do.

I then tried the ACE Power Mousse. This I found to be excellent as it can be used on more than clothes! It is a spray bottle so you can just spray directly on to what you want to clean, very easy to use.

The kitchen floor tiles had lots of ground in dirt on the grout between the tiles (it was like this when moving in) and nothing has really come close to removing it. That is until using the ACE Power Mousse which removed the staining on the grout with ease. If that wasn’t enough it also cut through the grease on the tiles behind the cooker hob! It is perfect for fabrics and hard surfaces and also has odour masking technologies, leaving behind a fresh fragrance.

Lastly, I used the ACE Stain Remover. This is a spray bottle of stain remover with active oxygen. This is great for tough stains on clothes as it can be sprayed directly on to the stain, just leave for a few minutes and then wash as normal. Like the Power Mousse it can also be used on hard surfaces around the house, such as kitchen worktops and tiles.

Overall, I think the ACE products have been fantastic. They have removed any stains I have wanted to get rid of as well as keeping clothes brighter and brightening whites. Not only will these products keep your clothes spotless, by having no stains and keeping the colours brighter your clothes will last longer – which has to be better for the environment and your wallet!

I have experienced no adverse effects from any of the products – they have all been quite gentle on the clothes while doing an excellent job.

So, as you prepare to start your spring cleaning, I would recommend trying some of the ACE products to help make your clothes, fabrics and hard surfaces stain free, hygienic and odour free.

I will definitely be using the ACE for Whites and ACE for Colours in my washes in future to keep the colour of by clothes the way they should be for longer.

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit www.acecleanuk.co.uk. ACE products can be found in Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Wilko.

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