Ding Ding! We’re Putting Wedding Photographs In The Ring

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When it comes to planning a wedding, everything comes down to the decisions you make. The moment you get engaged, you have tough choices about venues, guest lists, and food. In short; there will be a load of pressure on your shoulders. And, once you’ve made sure everyone else is happy, you even need to choose which photograph style would best suit you.

Given that your wedding album is your one lasting memento, you could say this last choice is most important of all. Often, the decision here comes down to two main contenders; traditional vs candid. While traditional has held the crown for years, candid snaps are coming up behind. To help you decide which would be best, let’s look at the benefits of each


  • You get those ‘classic shots’

The ‘classic’ wedding shots are the best thing about the traditional option. With this style, you can make sure that you get shots with your husband, bridesmaids, family, and so on. These are wedding staples with good reason. By the end, you should have a snap of everyone who means the most to you. That makes for a complete and satisfying album down the line.

  • You ensure quality every time

Another benefit of a traditional style is that you guarantee picture quality. These are regulated snaps if you like. Literally, when you consider how everyone poses and says ‘cheese’ at the same time. There shouldn’t be any weak pictures or frowning faces when you go down the traditional route. Instead, you’ll end up with a polished album for sure.


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/UwgVASBRhQw
  • A more natural portrayal

By opting for a more candid wedding photographer, you ensure that every shot is a natural portrayal of your day as it happened. Many people choose to display candid pictures in chronological order. They then find that they can then relive the day each time they flick through their albums. This is a fantastic way of keeping things alive. It also helps to store all those emotions for any time you feel the need to reminisce.

  • Less waiting around

Many would also argue that candid pictures have the benefit of saving a fair amount of time. That’s because a photographer like this gets stuck right in with the action of the day rather than needing to designate time for photographs. That could see you and your guests getting stuck into the fun without having to worry.

So, who wins?

Predictably, the winner here is going to depend on your desires for your big day. There’s no right or wrong with anything about your wedding, after all. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. If you’ve always dreamt of the big white wedding with the classic album, a traditional photographer is sure to suit best. If you’d rather have fun and remember it later, though, candid could be for you. All you need to do is get to the bottom of how you’d like your day to be to help you decide.

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