Desigual Love Eau de Toilette Review


Reviewed by Jennifer Edwards

I love perfume, so was extremely excited to be offered the chance to review Desigual Love Eau de Toilette. The perfume’s box is very attractive; a white square with concentric circles in warm shades of red, purple and pink, accented with pictures of flowers. On the side of the box, the words ‘floral’ are printed, and this along with the flower pictures allowed me to easily identify that this was going to be a floral based fragrance.

When taking the bottle out of its box I was pleased. It’s definitely an attractive bottle that you wouldn’t mind displaying on your dressing table. The bottle is round, with the selfsame concentric circle pattern as the box. However, only on their back of the bottle are the circles coloured, and this creates the interesting illusion that the perfume itself is coloured when the bottle is viewed from the front. The sides of the circle are coloured hot pink and embossed with white writing. Topping the bottle is a simple golden bronze cap with a fabric top made of complementary fabric.

So, onto the perfume itself. The website describes the fragrance as:

Top notes of cranberry and delicious black currant. At the heart grapefruit, romantic orange blossom and mesmerizing benzoin. Bottom notes of praline, comforting sandalwood and tonka bean.

Without having read the description, I’d already picked out that there were a mixture of fruit and floral notes in it. Smelling it now, as I read the description, and I would definitely say it’s an accurate one. I can definitely pick out the cranberry, blackcurrant and grapefruit, and a quick internet search tells me that benzoin smells of warm vanilla, and I can smell that in the perfume.

I wore this perfume every day for a week so as to really test its longevity, spraying once on my neck and on one wrist and then pressing them together… And overall I’m pleased. I’d say on me personally it lasted about the same as other similarly priced perfumes. I could smell it prominently for about 4-6 hours and then it slowly faded, but even 8-10 hours later I could still smell it if I sniffed my wrist.

Personally, I really like this perfume. It’s definitely a very feminine scent, with lots of fruit and floral notes, so if you are a fan of perfumes like that, then it’s definitely one for you. Desigual Love Eau de Toilette (50ml) retails for £29 on the Desigual website, and since the bottle is 50ml I think that’s a decent price for this product. I would definitely consider re purchasing, and may even have to try out some of their other products.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29 (50ml) / £39 (100ml)

Available to buy from Desigual here.


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