Death Drop – Back In The Habit At Wycombe Swan Review


Reviewed by I.Addison

‘’Death drop. Back in the habit.’’ is showing this week at The Swan, High Wycombe Buckinghamshire until Saturday 26th November. The Swan in Wycombe is a council-run theatre 1000 seater venue within walking distance from High Wycombe train station. Lines running via Chiltern Trains line from London. There is a car park attached to the theatre including parking for Blue Badge holders. The theatre entrance is via a double set of doors at the side of the venue, and there is a bar on the ground and first floor. You can eat a meal pre-show which I have done before. The food is very nice.

The start time for this production is a little later than usual 8pm. I arrived at 730pm and had my tickets beeped, as you do! The seats given to me were in row H in the stalls and were very central. Great seating thank you to Wycombe Swan.
The show’s cast is made up of drag artists and if you know of or, are a fan of RuPaul’s DragRace you will recognise the cast. I went along having never seen the television show nor anything about the cast, had just heard from a friend that the first Death Drop in 2020 was very funny.

The show starts with two characters on stage setting the plot (or what you think is the plot) one of whom called Alfie Romeo is told to seek and find a ring and a ‘father Reginald spanking’ and return to Rome. We then meet the characters at St Babs convent – The Convent sisters, led by a Mother Superior (Victoria Scone) and Sister Mary Berry (Cheryl Hole), Sister Maria Julie Andrews (River Medway) and Sis Titis (William Belli)

What then follows is a weird miss match of scenes and acts, puns, jokes and alike and banter. The play has a weak all over the place plot, an array of scenes loosely mashed together from various films like The Sound of Music, Scream and IT. If you expect to follow any logical storyline to this, think again! This show is a journey into and along drag humour, funny gags and extremely near-the-mark acts and scenes. If you are offended easily – I do not recommend this. It states is also not suitable for anybody under 14. I would say not under 16.

There are some good take-off acts from these famous films. There is even a well-sung song at some point and funny puppetry with blue tits.

However, this is a review, I have to be honest and say it was not for me. I have seen drag shows in Vegas before and found them hysterical but in this sorry, I did not take to any of the characters and only laughed out loud two or three times. The flow of the show is a tad all over the place and at some points, I felt I was watching a 6th formers school play. However, some of the audience in their fan T-shirts roared with laughter and seemed to really enjoy and I do fully understand that if you were a fan of a TV show or certain characters, just seeing them live would be great fun.
Overall, a lower score from me – but, everybody that is open-minded should give it a go, they will get a laugh and can decide for themselves.

The lighting, sound and effects are very good….

Rating: 2/5

Ticket prices: Prices between £19.00 – £38.00

Tickets can be booked by visiting: Box office open daily or via the website

Age restriction
This production is recommended for ages 14+.

Running time
2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)

Performance dates
22-26 November 2022 at High Wycombe and then tours at other venues around the UK. See for further details.

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