Cosmo Jarvis Think Bigger Review


Think Bigger
Cosmo Jarvis

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

This is the third studio album by Cosmo Jarvis an American singer songwriter who now lives in Devon. The album is mix of styles from folk to indie rock, Cosmo cover all bases!

He is annoyingly talented as he has mastered playing many instruments and has a truly great talent for writing really catchy tunes. The album opens with the single "Love This" which is a really nice laid back song.

Think Bigger carries on in this vein nice relaxing laid back tracks till "Sunshine" kicks in! This is more my cup of tea being a rocker at heart. "Good Citizen" carries on in this way rocking out good style!

The next few tracks go back to a more laid back style. Catchy tunes with great lyrical content. The production of the album is top notch even the cover is excellent.

Highly recommended!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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