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Connecting London Board Game By Gibsons Review


Reviewed by Dot

I was so excited when I first saw this board game as one of my grandsons is fascinated by the London Underground.  He was taken to London for the first time a couple a years ago and we did all the usual Tourist things, went for a ride on a boat on the Thames, watched the red buses crossing Westminster Bridge.  Saw the Beefeaters at the Tower of London and walked across London Bridge.  Where did my grandson want to be and do all the time???  He wanted another ride on the London Underground!  He just loved being on an Underground train, looking at the map above and working out which station came next.  I think he will really enjoy playing this card game with me or his brother. 

The board is made from really thick cardboard which folds up in quarters so the entire game fits into quite a small box.  There are six sets of Tube Line signs  in colours that match the London Underground map and lines.  Each colour has scoring tokens numbered 2 to 5 on the back plus a ‘Good Service’ Underground Sign Token.  There are some map tiles which have the London Main Line Stations on them and other map tiles have names of Tourist Attractions. 

Each of these map tiles have a short length of one or more Underground lines and have the name of a main line station, tourist attraction or both on them.  These are all stored in a handy red draw string bag when the game is packed away.  The game itself is based on Zone 1 of a Map of the London Underground. 

The game starts with each player taking a set of Tube Line Sign Tokens which are placed number side up in order 2, 3, 4, 5.  Each player then takes five Map Tiles out of the bag which are then placed face up in front of them.  The remaining tiles are all placed face down in the box lid.  The player to go first is decided by the player who has travelled on the London Underground most recently.

Player one starts the game off by taking two of the Good Service tokens out of the bag, this determines which tile of the five tiles he/she has chosen can play.  The idea of the game is to form connections between main line stations and tourist attractions.

The map tiles exactly match the London Underground Zone 1 board and are placed on top of the corresponding underground line, main line station our tourist attraction. The tourist attraction tiles have a small picture of the attraction on them, but on the board tourist attractions just show a camera.  The tiles are like jigsaw pieces with straight edges.  Whilst playing Connecting London players can learn where the main line stations and tourist attractions can be found in London, and enjoy playing the game as they do so.

We haven’t quite worked out all the rules and scoring yet, but we are getting there. For now we are concentrating on finding the matching main line stations and tourist attractions on the board.  There are also four Joker map tiles to add to the enjoyment.

This game would be ideal for any London Lover, young or old, particularly those who enjoy the London Underground.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15.00

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