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Chicco 2in1 Rocking Dino ECO+ Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 1-4 Y
Innovative 2 in 1 balancing toy in the funny shape of a dinosaur, made of 80% recycled plastic! Dino will help toddlers to develop cognitive and manual skills with 3 different activities.

1 Dino, but at least 3 ways of playing! And my granddaughter thoroughly enjoys her Dino! The Dino needs your help to keep its balance. You can either place the 6 cylinders on its back in the correct position, to keep it from rocking. Dino is also a shape sorter toy, put the 3 shapes in the correct holes on Dino’s body. Or you can have some extra fun and use its cylinders which can be stacked from the largest to the smallest.

All these three activities are designed to support your baby to develop their cognitive skills, logical association, and hand-eye coordination! The item comes in a sturdy box packaging which keeps your product safe from harm. The product is made from durable plastic which means that it’s easy to keep clean and can be washed in warm water with soap. Some of the pieces are quite tricky to use but it allows your young child to investigate and develop their skills. The item is made from quality plastic which means it is durable and destined to last year duration of time. The item also comes in lovely bright colours which further encourages and develops your child’s development. I have been over the moon with this product in particular and it has been my granddaughters very favourite. I have always been a individual who loves toys for educational purposes and being someone who works in a primary setting, every opportunity foreplay allows a child to form cognitive connections.

2in1 Rocking Dino is a toy made of 80% recycled plastic, with a recyclable packaging. It is part of the Chicco ECO+, our Made in Italy collection of sustainable toys that represents our commitment to act responsibly in respect of children and the environment in which they will grow up, by developing products using less fossil resources, contributing to reduce the plastic waste problem. ECO+ toys has the exact same high-quality standards as any other Chicco product, both in terms of playability and product safety. A 2in1 balancing toy in the shape of a dino, made of 80% recycled plastic.

Bought (editor’s note – this item was not bought.  It was gifted to the reviewer for the purposes of writing a review) for a child’s first birthday! Super appreciated by parents and by the little one intrigued by all the forms contained!

Product: 19 x 6 x 15 cm
Pack: 21 x 8 x 23 cm
Weight (kg)
Pack: 21 x 23 x 8 cm
Eco+ for a better world promises that their offer of sustainable products designed and made with the aim to take care of children because taking care of children also means taking care of the world in which they will grow up. They want to act responsibly in respect of people and the environment concrete action is to build all together the better world.

Rating: We rate this product at 4/5 and it will make an ideal gift for a young child for any occasion.

This product retails for £11.99 and can be purchased from Chicco here.

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