Chicco 2in1 Transform-A-Ball ECO+ Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 1-3 Y
This Extra smart and fun ball was designed to be transformed and rebuilt, now in a more sustainable version made of 80% recycled plastic!

2 in 1 Transform-a-Ball is a smart and fun toy that stimulates toddlers’ logical association skills, creativity, and fantasy, all in just one toy! My granddaughter was slightly confused with this toy. It could definitely be aimed at slightly older children and even though she struggled to build the ball, she has had hours and hours of fun with the pieces of the ball. You can either create a ball: slot together all the 10 coloured pieces to make a real rolling ball. Your child will have fun making it roll round and crawling after it! Or you can build your favourite character. This item definitely unleashes your toddlers creativity and allows for new characters to be built over and over again.

Transform-a-Ball makes amusing creative experiences into fundamental cognitive achievements. 2in1 Transform-a-Ball is a toy made of 80% recycled plastic, with a recyclable packaging. It is part of the Chicco ECO+, our Made in Italy collection of sustainable toys that represents our commitment to act responsibly in respect of children and the environment in which they will grow up, by developing products using less fossil resources, contributing to reduce the plastic waste problem. ECO+ toys has the exact same high-quality standards as any other Chicco product, both in terms of playability and product safety.

* 2 in 1 buildable ball made of 80% recycled plastic
Product: 15 x 15 x 15cm
Weight (kg)
Pack: 15 x 15 x 23cm

Eco+ for a better world promises that their offer of sustainable products designed and made with the aim to take care of children because taking care of children also means taking care of the world in which they will grow up. They want to act responsibly in respect of people and the environment concrete action is to build all together the better world.
Just the ideal toy for the age group and we most certainly agree. Piecing it and constructive arrangement is amazing. No sharp edges and the product is made with durable plastic which allows it to last and is easy to clean with warm water and soap. This brand makes some pretty fantastic educational products that are fun and child friendly. Great potential to encourages the development of manual skills and makes children curious. The magnets are strong enough to hold coloured branches but not too strong to allow smaller ones to remove them! My granddaughter loves to play, she puts it in her mouth, tries to fit them together and makes the ball roll to the ground. It’s very nice and practical.

Rating: We rate this item as 4/5 and would make an ideal gift for any occasion.

This item retails at £14.99 and can be purchased from Chicco here.

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