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Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

I am a mother of a 5 year old, who, like many children, will only eat the same healthy snacks each day and not venture out of her comfort zone in the vain hope that I will give her a biscuit instead. So I am more than willing to try anything that claims to be healthy, but I have to say that I expected her to refuse the majority of the snacks sent by ChewyMoon as she is the ultimate picky child. ChewyMoon is a subscription based snack box service (no commitment and can be cancelled at any time) that is delivered to your door and contains 5 packs of nutritionally-balanced snacks for your children and count towards 1 of their 5 a day.

I received a family pack and a smaller pack for children only. They arrived pretty swiftly and fit through the letter box, so no soggy boxes waiting on the doorstep which was great. As well as containing the snacks and really useful ingredient and nutritional information, there was a fun pack for children. In our case this was a pop out card animal that could be constructed into a totem toy, and stacked upon another totem animal. This was a hit with my daughter, and another reason to get excited for a ChewyMoon delivery.


The packaging was so attractive to children, and that isn’t due solely to the photographs of the comical duck/squirrel/dog or cat. Children (or at least mine) love little boxes of snacks as it makes it seem special and exciting. Part of me does feel that the packaging is a little excessive and could be replaced by a paper bag for such a small pack, but the box did do the trick as my little girl was desperate to try the snacks right away, so the company clearly did their research on this.

My daughter loved all of the sweet snacks; the Freaky Fruits were amazing- they actually taste like jelly tot sweets! The pink/red colour of Crazy Crunch attracted my daughter right away, and although it was a little sweet for my taste, she couldn’t get enough of them and loved the crunchy texture.

The orange drops in the Jack and Fruit box were especially delicious, and whilst the flapjack part was a little bland and my daughter wasn’t sure about the chunky seeds, if you eat the fruit and flapjack together the combination is really complementary. It works well, without feeding your child any refined sugars or additives.

The flapjack within the Jack and Berries was preferred by my little girl, really crumbly with a nice hint of coconut.

The baked cheese in Massive Munch is quite strong tasting for children, but my it was my husband’s favourite and I’m sure a lot of children would love it.

Our least favourite was the Snack Italiano, but this is not a negative; we all have different tastes, and simply the fact that (due to the attractive packaging) my daughter actually tried two seasoned cashew nuts before deciding it wasn’t for her, is amazing to me! I do not believe that she would have tried one had I simply presented them in a bowl. My point being, at least she gave it a try!


As cliqued as it may sound, there is something for all of the family in these packs. I cannot help wishing that the portion size was a little larger particularly on the flapjacks with fruit or berries, and for the adult only snacks. Perhaps a size option would be an idea for adults.

The snacks are high in fibre and contribute to your 5-a-day, with the idea that around a handful counts as 1 portion. The ChewyMoon website is really informative and easy to navigate, and what I really love is that once you have tried a snack box you can choose which items you liked so that the next delivery of snacks is tailored to your taste. However, if you prefer they can base the snack selection on factors such as your child’s age and activity level. This really is such a simple yet unique idea.

I will definitely be ordering more of these snacks; it’s so nice to find a healthy option that children will actually eat without protest, with the added bonus of having them delivered to your door. Taking everything into consideration I would award this product 4.5 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4.5/5

Cost: £4.93 (including postage) per snack box

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4 half Star

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