Chester Civil War Tours Review

Chester Civil War Tours

Reviewed by Anita Baxter & Luke Singleton

We were met in the centre of Chester by our tour guide Edd who was dressed in a rather dashing 16th century cavalry uniform which came complete with sword and hat with a feathers in it!

We spent roughly 15 minutes talking about local history and the war between the royalists and parliamentarians. After that we started heading towards the city wall, but stopping every few minutes to find out about some of the history of buildings as we were passing. Edd had some very interesting stories and anecdotes to coincide with these.

When we got to the wall we got to see a great view of outlying Chester and the river, but we also got to see where the parliamentarians had their cannon emplacements from which they were firing up to 1600lb shots into Chester and at the walls. A little further on in the tour we went to visit the Roman gardens where we saw one of the breaches made during the civil war which was about the size of a small house! And all along the outer wall marks from cannon shot could be seen.

As to disabled access, my mum is in an electric wheelchair and was able to see about 90% of the tour, there was only one place with stairs and with no other access point and a lift that was broken otherwise it was excellent.

Edd the guide has a degree in history and obviously a very keen interest in Chester history and really managed to bring it to life. There weren’t any questions he was unable answer. He seemed very passionate about his job and enthusiastic and all round great character to talk to. He was also very happy to let people take his photograph.

The tour took about two and a half hours and priced at £6 (a bargain if you ask me!).

He also does several other tours, one being a pub tour, with all the pubs  at least 400 years old which if ever get the chance to go back I’ll be there for sure.

As for a rating it’s an easy 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

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