Cheeky Chompers Leopard Spot Comfort And Chew Teething Baby Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Julie Hayward

The package arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, which was a perfect fit for its contents. Inside was a white keepsake box measuring 25cm x 33cm and 10.5cm deep. On the top of the box is the Cheeky Chompers logo with a smiley hippo motif in silver. The side panels are a soft sage colour, written on the front, in the same sage is ‘A little bundle of joy’. A silver ribbon allows for ease of opening the front panel, which has a clever magnetic closing action. On lifting the lid, the sage interior theme continues, ‘Special delivery’ is written in white. The contents are wrapped in white tissue paper, with a repeat pattern of the happy hippo motif. The tissue paper is secured by a pink round sticker, with a white heart saying, ‘Made with love.’ The paper is not too tightly wrapped, allowing me to carefully remove the items inside for a closer look, without spoiling the gift wrap, especially important if you want to inspect the product before giving it as a gift.

Once the four items of the ‘Leopard spot comfort and chew set’ are revealed, I am very pleased with the quality of all of them. They are nicely coordinated, so you can see why they have been combined to make a set, however they could easily be sold or gifted individually.

Two are ‘Bertie the lion’, a sweet face of a lion, with subtle peach and grey markings. The first is a boxed teething toy, the ring design makes it perfect for little hands to hold and dribbly sore gums to be soothed, I like that it is textured on both sides and can be chewed on both ends. The information on the reverse of the box tells me it is dishwasher and steriliser safe, making it easy to clean, essential for a young baby. Non-toxic and fridge friendly, perfect for cooling those sore gums. The second is Cheeky Chompers ‘Handychew’. A soft sensory toy, it is small, but it incorporates many features, one ear is the hard chew, which again is textured on both sides. The other ear makes a crinkly noise, there is a rattle in the head of the lion, it is quite quiet, but this is good not to startle a new-born. The face is stitched, and the reverse is a soft grey teddy-like fur. Attached to one side is a small loop which is designed for you to attach a dummy, if desired. On the other side is a stretchy fabric loop which can either be used to be put on the baby’s wrist or it can be looped to attach to the car seat or pram, great when out on walks and to prevent it being lost or dropped.
The ’Neckerchew’ is in the beige leopard print design, the textured chew is cleverly attached to the bib. The bib is reversable and has three layers of absorbency, the seams are all enclosed so no loose threads or rough edges. There are two poppers, so the bib can grow with your baby.

My favourite of the four items is the ‘Comfortchew’ a lovely comforter toy, again in the beige leopard print organic cotton fabric on one side and the reverse is a soft cream fur, really cosy for your little one. The head is the chew, this time the character is the friendly hippo, again textured on both sides, he even has a cute little tail. On the edge are sensory tags, lots of little ones love to feel a label and finally, attached is the elasticated loop for either securing to the pram or car seat straps or to the baby’s wrist.

I think this set is value for money and would make a great gift for a new baby and make life a little easier for new parents.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £46.00

This product can be purchased from Cheeky Chompers here.

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