Cancer Recovery Foundations 5km Superhero Run



MARCH 2012: Anyone with a secret dream to be Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman, need look no further than taking part in the Cancer Recovery Foundation’s 5km superhero run.

This national charity is committed to making a difference to the lives of those affected by cancer and is asking for volunteers to put their best foot forward and take part in what promises to be one of London’s most novel events this spring.

The run is on Sunday 13th May in Regents Park, London and starts at 10am. No previous experience is required, just a smile and a sense of humour. There’s a £20 registration fee, suggested minimum sponsorship of £100 and the costume is thrown in for free.

Hannah Bellamy, Executive Director of Cancer Recovery Foundation, said; “Our Superhero run is all about taking part, having fun and making a difference to people’s lives rather than winning. With a little bit of training, completing 5km is a reality for most people and as well as getting fit you are also helping a great cause. There are no rules so you can choose to run, jog or walk – you decide but the main thing is simply taking part!”

She added, “As well as the Superhero run we offer many other challenges including parachute jumps, cycle rides and climbing Kilimanjaro! The money we raise from these events help support our projects and make a difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families. Most importantly, it will help to keep this service available to those who need it the most and often use it as a lifeline”.

Claire T, Fundraiser and Superhero runner, said; “At first I was a bit unsure at the prospect of a 5k run dressed in a silly costume, but I actually really enjoyed myself. Not only did I get fit as a result of the training, but it was a fun day out and it felt great to fundraise for this amazing charity.”

For more information call 01883 713922 or email for a full information pack, or simply take the plunge and book your place online today.

Cancer Recovery Foundation is a charity devoted to helping people prevent and recover from cancer through Breast Cancer Partnership, Children's Cancer Recovery Project and various adult services.

Our services are based on research with 16,000 cancer survivors about what they really need. We understand people facing cancer often need immediate advice and support. As a charity we are dedicated to giving cancer patients and their family’s financial security, hope and valued advice.

We put together unique Survivor Packs and send them out to help people feel less alone and more able to cope with their diagnosis and manage their recovery- 80% feel more positive after receiving a pack.

Through our Family Emergency Fund we provide financial assistance to individuals and families so they can focus on their recovery. Whether we help a family heat their home, pay for vital child care or stop final demand letters being sent out, this service means we can take some of the pressure and worry away at stressful times.

The Children’s Cancer Recovery Project also includes the only regular, national donation of toys and books to paediatric wards. This involves putting together thoughtful gift bags to help distract and reward children during treatment. These help them to express their feelings with play therapists and develop skills in school rooms; they also put a smile on little faces and create happier childhood memories, especially important for the parents of children in hospices.

The Breast Cancer Partnership protects pioneers and supports women against breast cancer. We help women to protect themselves against breast cancer and take control of their health by making changes to diet and lifestyle. We provide financial support and practical advice to women already living with the disease. And we let all women know about pioneering research which could save them.

Through our International Aid Programme we work in partnership with hospitals in developing countries; sharing ideas about integrative care with the medical staff and supplying otherwise unavailable medicines directly to the hospitals.

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