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Butterfly Masks Review

Reviewed by Laura Bown

When we opened the parcel my little girl was thrilled with what she saw. The butterfly masks come in a bright and colourful box which contains: 3 butterfly mask templates, I tube of glitter glue, 3 plastic holders, 1 set of paints and a paint brush. Each butterfly mask is approx. 25cm and of a different design.

The kit is quite simple, your child can paint the templates, apply glitter and then attach it to one of the holder so it can be used as a mask. One of the things I really liked about this kit is that it all seems to be great quality. The paints are nice and thick, the templates are printed on nice card stock, and the paint brush is quite a good one.

My daughter loved making her butterfly mask, she loved the paint colours included (pink, blue, yellow, purple and white) as they were ‘girls’ colours. To paint one mask did not take long, maybe 10-15 minutes but as there are 3 templates the activity could last much longer. We then put some glitter on, my daughter would have liked some other colours of glitter too. She was very pleased with the finished product.

My one criticism of the product would be the price £9.95 seems quite expensive for the items included, even though they are of good quality.

Overall I would recommend this kit, perfect for keeping a little girl amused on a rainy day.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.95

Available to buy from Great Gizmos here.

4 Star

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