Busy Mums Must Haves Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

I received a few different items from Rooi (luxury and designer homewares and living) and Mr Nutcase (personalised gifts). With two young boys and a third on the way I think I can fulfil the role of being a busy mum!

Paddywax Library Scented Candle

The first thing I have is this beautifully scented Paddyway Library Mark Twain scented candle, from Rooi (RRP £7.95). It is a beautifully presented, perfectly sized two wick candle. It is a soy candle and is hand poured in USA, scented of tobacco flower and vanilla and smells as good as it looks. It comes in a beautiful embossed copper coloured tin, a sticker on the front with the candle details and printed on the back the safety information.


The candle is 2.5oz, 11cm x 4.5cm x 4cm, the perfect size for a small gift or for popping in your travel bag if you like to take a little bit of luxury with you when you travel.

It burns well and gives off a lovely scent and fragrances the room well, there are lots of other enticing scents in the range if you don’t fancy the sweet aroma of vanilla and tobacco flower.

I couldn’t think of a better way to wind down at the end of a busy day, so give it 5/5, you can get one from Rooi.com.

Pink Silk & Cotton Scarf – Bamako By Amet & Ladoue

Next up was the silk and cotton scarf, also from Rooi (RRP £34.95), the first thing to take note of is how beautifully Rooi package items. Within the large box was plenty of protective bubble bags, nestled within was a beautiful cotton drawstring bag, within that was a well bubble wrapped, tissue papered box. The box had a perfectly tied blue ribbon bow around it and inside nestled in some more tissue paper lay the precision folded scarf.


The scarf itself is stunning, it is a beautiful mix of muted tones of pink, yellow, cream, brown and green, on two opposite corners there is hand applied traditional danka work floral metal embellishment. The scarf being made of cotton and silk (70% cotton and 30% silk) feels light and cool but at the same time feels luxurious and great quality. The scarf measures 70 x 70cm.

The scarf is perfect to accessorise, if you want something to add a bit of interest to a plain outfit or if you just like wearing something that feels luxurious and looks great. For the price and the amazing attention to detail that Rooi offer I would have to also give this one 5/5, the quality really does speak for itself. The perfect place to order from to spoil yourself or a loved one.

Suede Oblong Cushion 13″ X 19″

Last up is a Personalised Suede Oblong Cushion from Mr Nutcase (RRP £22). The whole designing and ordering process is very simple, you choose what cushion or other product you would like, then upload or use the Facebook/Instagram links to select your picture. You are shown a cushion with your chosen image, where you can do basic edits, resize, change orientation, add text, clipart or even alter the layout to make a collage. You then get a preview of your creation before ordering the finished item.


From making to dispatching the item there is a very quick turn around and then it is up to Royal Mail as to when you receive the item.

The cushion itself is fantastic quality, the feel to the fabric is very soft and inviting, the cushion inner is very plump and bouncy and the quality of the workmanship in making the finished item is very high too.

The only thing I feel that has let the cushion down is the quality of the picture, now this is probably my fault, having used a picture from Instagram, the quality was never going to be spot on. However, giving the option to use these images you would hope that there would be minimal blurring.
It would be great if there was something built into the design software that let you know if the quality was too poor to be used for the product you had selected so that you could change it if necessary.

My cushion looks great from a distance and will look beautiful on my sofa or bed, I would just rather have used a different picture if I knew it would be sharper and more defined.

I am however very much looking forward to putting my head down on that big plump cushion, closing my eyes and catching 40 winks when I can! I would give the cushion a plump 4/5 as it really is lovely other than the picture quality being slightly off.

So for this busy mum they aren’t really things that make my life easier with two little people but they are all things that make my life a little more relaxing or luxurious. I can’t wait to relax and unwind with my candle and lounge on my cushion and next time I go out I can feel very spoilt in my beautiful scarf.

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