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Build Your Own Pinball Machine Advent Calendar Review


Reviewed by H Whetton

I have been given the opportunity to review the Build your own advent calendar.  At first glance it’s very well packaged, the front of the box is bright, appealing, intriguing and descriptive.  It has a picture of what the Pinball machine should look like once fully built.

When you open the box you are faced with 24 numbered compartments, no pictures.  If you did want the build to be a surprise for you children you could technically do this.  At the bottom of the box we found everything we needed to build the pinball machine, including a gadget to push out all of the slots, marbles and elastic bands.  The build itself slots together so no messy gluing which is a bonus.  There is also a full set of instructions, which came in very handy.  Each of the numbered compartments contained a small set of instructions, so by the 24 you will have a working Pinball machine.  Personally as a child I would want to build it all in one go.  You do have to have a patient child to be able to wait the whole 24 days of the build.

Obviously we built it all in one day, it took about an hour and half.  Some of the build is really fiddly and frustrating especially the spring.  The cardboard is of a really good quality, nothing broke and each piece came out cleanly and easily.  The art work looks fantastic, reminiscent of a retro pinball machine.  The instructions we’re easy to follow, but I would say get some tweezers for the fiddly bits.  The best thing of all it actually works!!  We’ve been playing it for three days now and it still works.  It does come with spare elastic bands and a spare spring.  Also on the box there is a QR code that links you to their website, which has downloadable instructions, and a help line should you need it.

The final pinball machine is 40 CMS in length so it is a decent size, it’s recommended for 8years old plus, I would recommend an adult to help out on the fiddly bit.  It does make a great adult/child activity.

Pinball machines are a retro classic, they are uni-sex, age less and covers all genre.  So the Build your own Pinball machine will appeal to everyone, especially if your child is interested in engineering or STEM.

I am a fan of alternative Advent calendars, I know they can be expensive, however I do think you get more for your money than some of the branded sweets ones.  The Build your own Pinball machine not only intrigues you over the 24 days of Advent, but the pinball machines give your children/adults fun all over Christmas and into the new year.

I love the fact that all of the cardboard used has been sustainably resourced.  Everything apart from the elastic bands are recyclable so easy to dispose when you have finished with it.  I think the Build your own Pinball machine has been incredibly designed, and well thought out.

When rating the Build your own Advent calendar I took into account the game play, quality of materials, ease of build and of course the price.  The quality is excellent, the game play is brilliant and I’m ok with the price.  So for these reason I give the Build your own Pinball machine Advent calendar.

Rating: 4/5.

RRP: £24.99

(It is on sale on there website at the moment for £19.99)
Available from Pinball Machine – Build Your Own (

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