Budget Bedroom Makeovers for Your Kids

Have your kids got to the age where they’ve grown out of the lovely nursery you designed for when they were born, have moved into a ‘proper’ bed (sob) and are now deciding they want their room a certain way? Most of their suggestions are probably completely ludicrous (I chose purple and yellow striped wallpaper when I was young) and you’re probably a little reluctant to indulge, knowing they’ll change their minds in a heartbeat anyway – once you’ve splashed the cash. But if they’re persistent (or promise to keep it tidy) then there are a few great ideas that can be done on a budget to keep both kids and parents happy!

Display their Artwork

Your kids can produce some very questionable artwork, but some of the time it’s actually sweet, colourful and sometimes even quite impressive! Rather than store it in a draw, why not use it as decoration in their bedroom? Hammer two nails at opposite ends of one wall and drape a piece of string across the middle (tying securely to each nail). Get a couple of clothes pegs and peg the artwork to the string. It’s a cute way of displaying their work and the shabby chic effect always looks great. If you want to take it a step further, you can even buy ‘draw on’ wallpaper and stick onto one wall. Let them go mad with crayons for a little ‘creative’ decoration.

Cheap Accessories

If the bedroom is plain and in need of a bit of excitement, you can buy cheap and colourful accessories from most pound shops – for example colourful bunting will bring an exciting carnival feel, a coloured lamp shade will give the room a colourful glow and some brightly coloured cushions or a patterned throw will turn a plain and boring bedspread into something fun (and might even make bedtime more appealing!) Pop up tents are also a great way to add a little fun to a child’s bedroom space as they have a ‘den’ effect, are cheap and can also be used as toy storage.

New Lighting

Things like fairy lights cost next to nothing to buy, and when used safely can create a really calming atmosphere which makes their bedroom a great place for them to wind down after a busy, fun-filled day. If you want something a little different, LED coloured strip lighting is flexible and really easy to install. Fit along skirting boards or under furniture for a cool futuristic glow when all the lights are out! What’s more, the colour options are endless so you’re bound to find some that will fit with the rest of the décor. These are also great if you are on a budget because they use very little energy. They also run for approximately 30, 000 hours so there’s very little chance of them requiring a replacement once installed!

Storage Units

These can cost next to nothing to buy (think IKEA, eBay or even thrift stores and charity shops) and not only are they a great way to store bits and bobs so the room doesn’t appear messy, you can decorate them cheaply by either covering in patterned wallpaper or painting in a bright colour to actually turn them into a feature of the room. If you’re limited for space, getting a low storage unit means you can also double it up as a bench, put a few cushions and a blanket on the top and they have their very own little cubby hole or reading bench.

Find the Scraps

If you have hard wooden floors and are in need of a rug or have tired, stained carpets then pay a visit to a carpet fitter. ‘But I can’t afford new flooring’, I hear you say. However, rather than fitting a whole new floor, you can look for the remnants of old carpets that have been cut off bigger pieces. Most places won’t even charge for this, but if they do it will be next to nothing. Take it all home and get creating! You can cut all kinds of funky shapes that can transform a plain and boring floor into something exciting for the kids. Whether its various round shapes for a ‘spot’ effect or just one big shape, simple apply tape to the bottom and stick it down to the floor – a quick and easy rug!

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