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Brita Style Water Filter Jug Review


Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

Water is known as the Elixir of Life: we live on a planet that is covered by nearly 75% of water; our bodies are known to be approximately 60% water. The major component of all living things, man, animal and plants is water. Over the last two decades bottled water has soared in sales throughout the world as potable water, deemed safe to drink has been discovered to have a variety of contaminants in. As our population, industry and mining increase so do the contaminants. We have all been to places where the water smells and tastes awful, even though it is deemed drinkable. So , what can we do about this?

Many homes have been built years and years ago, before lead pipes became banned due to lead seeping into and poisoning our water, thankfully many of these have been rectified; but this doesn’t stop other chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and microbes entering via our plumbing systems; the only way to know if these are present in our drinking water is to have it tested.

BUT… this is where BRITA (named after his daughter) steps in and becomes a saviour to our drinking water. BRITA was born/created in the ‘60s by Heinz Hankammer when he discovered that a filtration system to optimise tap water first for car batteries that required distilled water. Then in the ‘70s he launched the first water filter jug and patented it.
Hankammer knew that tea made with filtered water tasted and looked better; so, to convince people he used this simple test of making two cuts of tea, one with his Brita filter and the other with tap water. After cooling the cup of tea made without the filter had unpleasant streaks floating on top.

As the years have progressed Brita continue to improve their product’s technical details without losing sight of sustainability and responsibility. At first the filter material was available as a refill; but a breakthrough in 1979 refill filter cartridges were added. They never stopped there, now the cartridges are fully recyclable. Each cartridge has a super fine mesh and microcarbon pearls made from coconut shells; these can be broken open to empty for recycling. Since the 80’s they have won many awards and their professional product is available worldwide; both for personal and commercial use.
So why chose Brita?
• It is the forerunner of water filtration that has continued to enhance their products and the end outcome.
• It is a responsible and sustainable company; it looks to the future in all aspects.
• Innovative Maxtra + Microflow Technology ensures powerful water filtration. The filter has been tested to remove metals like lead, copper and mercury; chemicals like chlorine and pesticides; plus, organic compounds that affect the taste and smell of water.
• The great modern and simple design; with easy-to-use flip top lid and advanced LED refill cartridge indicator.
• Fits in most conventional fridge doors
Since using the Brita Style Water Filter Jug 2.4 L with advanced LED Refill indicator I have notice a remarked difference in taste of the water, it has made me want to drink more pure water without anything added to it like I normally do. As a cola addict this has changed my thinking on what I am drinking and putting into my body.

I believe that each cartridge lasts four weeks. They can be purchased directly from Brita or from many stores or online. The price is far cheaper than bottled water, plus a huge benefit according to me and so many other people is the cut back of the use of plastic. Also, using a Brita jug you are more in the know what and where your drinking water is coming from. I love that it has an indicator to remind me to change the cartridge as I would forget. These filters do not go on filtrating as they become clogged and increase the bacteria and will affect things like the smell and taste of your water.

Finally, another bonus you get from Brita is that they offer you a free water hardness testing kit on their website: https://www.brita.co.uk/water-hardness-test Why not order one today and discover what your water is?
I one thing I would love Brita to do is make the lids in different colours; this doesn’t affect the overall product but would be great for fitting into my kitchen design.



This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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