Moulins Mahjoub Organic Artichoke Gift Box Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

Every year, as Father’s Day approaches, I try to think of new and original gift ideas for my sons to give to their dad. However, inevitably, we usually end up giving him the traditional chocolates, beer and coffee. It doesn’t help that his birthday is four days before Father’s Day this year either so we need double present! I was therefore very pleased to be asked to review the Moulins Mahjoub Organic Artichoke Gift Box as a potential Father’s Day gift, it sounded great and could be just what we’re looking for.

The Artichoke Gift Box arrived very quickly, within a couple of days of being ordered. It was very well packaged in a box with possibly the world’s largest amount of bubble wrap ever to protect it (this also served to entertain the children who enjoyed wrapping each other up in it!). It certainly did the job as the gift box arrived in perfect condition. My immediate impression was that it looked like a very good quality gift. The packaging was very classic and understated with just an image of an artichoke mosaic and some very simple wording on the front saying that it was from the Mahjoub Family Estate, handmade in Tunisia. On the back was a longer description of the contents of the box along with a recipe idea. And the simple statement “Tunisia, the Country of Flavours”.

Having had a quick look at the website, I can see that the Mahjoub Family Farm is in the Mejerda Valley in the North of Tunisia. All of their products are handmade and they are committed to artisan standards and sustainable farming. They are well recognised as producers of natural Mediterranean products and everything is made with no additives or artificial processes. I also really like the fact that the products are organic and that the company are committed to the environment. This provenance really sells the products to me before even trying them.

Upon opening the box we weren’t disappointed, inside there were six jars of traditional Tunisian products. Three of these were artichoke based and three weren’t. The jars consisted of Shah Shuka (200g) – this is a traditional Tunisian recipe that can be served with grilled fish or chicken, or with crusty bread; Artichoke Spread (185g); Artichoke Leaves (185g); Artichoke Hearts (200g), Meski Olives with Garlic and Wild Herbs (200g) and Tunisian Sweet Pepper Harissa spread (200g). This was a really nice selection of different products with enough artichoke products to warrant it being an artichoke gift box, but also options for anyone who isn’t keen on artichokes.

We really enjoyed trying all of the different jars and experiencing the different flavours. We all had our own favourites, my partner really enjoyed the Olives and said they were just like the ones he’s had on holiday. I enjoyed the artichoke hearts the most and my sons really liked the Sweet Pepper Harissa spread on their bread. We have never been to Tunisia but have all said that we would like to try more of their foods and there is a wide selection on the website to choose from.

I was really impressed with the gift box, it is a bit pricey but for Father’s Day I think this would make an ideal present. My partner certainly enjoyed tucking in and agreed that he would be very happy to have received this for Father’s Day.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.95

This product can be purchased from The Artisan Olive Oil Company here.

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