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Brita Fill and Enjoy Style Jug Review


Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

Water can taste different in various locations, this may be due to hard water, limescale build-up, chlorine, or even metallic content due to the age of pipework. If you live in an area where you think the taste and quality of your water supply could be improved, you might have considered purchasing a water filtration system.

I was recently sent a Brita Fill and Enjoy Style Jug to review.

Brita has been manufacturing a wide selection of water filter products for over fifty years. They provide convenient, easy to use systems to be used in the home. An alternative range explicitly designed for organisational and industrial use is also available.

The box contained the jug itself, one MAXTRA+ filter cartridge and a Smart light cartridge exchange prompt unit (a led which changes colour, green-amber-red traffic-light style, whenever you need to change the filter). Assembly couldn’t be more straightforward, everything just slots or clips into place.

The easy to fill jug has a capacity of 2.4 litres, but if you require something more substantial, a 3.6-litre version is available.

The neat slimline design is clean, fresh, and very tactile. It’s intuitive to use, and to keep the filtrated water chilled, will fit into the door compartment of a fridge.

I live in an area that has very soft water; therefore, I was unsure how much difference I would really notice. However, after filtration, the water did indeed taste very fresh and clean, very similar to bottled mineral water. It should also be noted that if you are unsure whether your area has soft or hard water, BRITA will send you a free test strip to enable you to test it, you can apply for it on the website.

The recyclable Brita MAXTRA+ filter cartridges contain both activated carbon and ion exchange pearls. These work together to reduce impurities (e.g. limescale, lead, copper, etc.), resulting in better-tasting water. Each cartridge’ under normal usage, will last for four weeks. Replacement cartridges are available in packs of three (£17.25), six (£32.00) or twelve (£59.50).

Brita also offers a two-year Maxtra+ cartridge service, where, for a set fee (presently £128), cartridges will be sent to you every six months for two years. The cost also includes a free Brita Fill and Enjoy Style jug hence reducing the overall running costs.

Within the very informative and entertaining BRITA website, there is an intriguing feature where it’s possible to calculate how much you reduce your plastic waste and CO2 emissions by using their filtration systems rather than purchasing disposable plastic bottles. According to their calculations, anyone buying two 1.5ltr bottles of water a day would reduce their plastic waste by 15kg per year, and lower their CO2 emissions by 134.7kg per year.

This is an excellent product if you live in an area of high mineral content, or you think your household pipework is adding an unwanted nasty taste to your water supply.

If you know anyone who purchases a lot of bottled water I’d recommend this item as a Christmas gift idea for them. Not only will they notice the difference in taste, but you will also be encouraging them to reduce their carbon footprint by using fewer plastic bottles.

This would also be a gift idea for any foodie friends or hard-to-buy-for relatives.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £31

This product, and the entire BRITA range of jugs and consumables, can be viewed and purchased directly from Brita here

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