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BRIO WORLD Smart Engine Set with Action Tunnels Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I have to confess, out of all my children’s toys, my favourites are anything train related. They have amassed a huge collection of train track, trains and other activities. I was over the moon to be offered this BRIO WORLD Smart Engine Set with Action Tunnels.

The set is suitable for age 3 years + and contains the following 17 pieces:

1x Figure
1x Train
1x Carriage
1x Station Footbridge
3x Tunnels with Different Functions
10x Track Pieces (3 different types)

BRIO SmartTech products are built using safe wireless technology. The various parts interact with each other by sending signals to each other. All BRIO SmartTech products are compatible both with each other and with other BRIO WORLD products. My twins literally fill the lounge with BRIO products and have hours of fun. Their play is not limited to railways though. Their dolls house family comes out, toy cars and aeroplanes etc. Sometimes the trains even visit their doll family in their home. We have had trains arriving in the doll’s house bedroom before.

We had great fun moving the tunnels around the track. Their functions are as follows:

  • Reverse once gone through tunnel (ideal if placed at the buffer end of the track)
  • Stop
  • Continue straight on

The quality of BRIO products is fantastic, including the light and sound quality of the product as a whole. They are really robust and have stood up to hours of rough play.

What’s great is that there are several expansion packs available, which allow more complicated designs to be built, making their train sets much more interactive and certainly loads more fun.

I cannot wait to get hold of another BRIO SmartTech product to add to our trains collection.

This set would make the perfect Christmas gift idea.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £89.95

For more information or to buy visit

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