Botonique Blush Review


Reviewed by Linda Pickford

I recently had the opportunity to try out a bottle of Botonique Blush. The bottle itself looked very inviting with a pale pink sleeve. I decided to treat it as a champagne style drink so served it cold and in appropriate flutes. It sparkled and bubbled in the glass and certainly looked inviting.

The Botanique range is marketed as being a healthy alternative to alcohol. How many parties have you been to where everyone is pushing alcoholic drinks? Sometimes you are the designated driver or perhaps you are watching your intake or indeed are teetotal. This may well be the drink for you. It looks good as a contribution to the party or as a gift to the hosts. Wine can also add to your calorie intake especially over the Christmas and New Year. Botonique Blush is advertised as only 17 calories per glass. To aid your thoughts of a healthy drink it is also packed with vitamins and minerals with no added sugar. A great alternative to a processed soft drink such as grape or apple juice packed with fructose. It is also free from preservatives, gluten, caffeine and sulphites.

Unfortunately, my husband and I were not keen on the taste. To me it smelt and tasted herby, but his response was roses and blackberries. A few days later we had a visitor and asked her to try it. It had been in our refrigerator but was still full of bubbles. She loved it and requested another glass full. We know we have different taste buds to her because we like dry white wine and she always chooses a sweet one. Perhaps the original white version would be more to our liking. It could well be just the thing for our sober month of January.

On reading through their literature, we discovered that you can use it as a mocktail base or serve with ice and tonic or indeed add it to a splash of gin. A suitable party drink for vegans, pregnant ladies and perhaps the ideal substitute when you have had a bad day at work but are watching your waistline.

The Botonique Blush comes in a delightful pink bottle and would work well as an attractive gift for Valentine’s Day.

Me and my husband rated it 2/5, but our friend rated it 5/5.

RRP: £15 (2x 751ml bottles)

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