Botanicals Himalayan Rose Mineral Bath Soak Review

Reviewed by Dawn Watson

Botanicals Ltd are an award winning UK company who produce gorgeous organic face and body care which are as close to ‘nature’ as possible. I was chosen to review their Himalayan Rose Mineral Bath Soak.

I love to soak in a bath and this product suits me perfectly. The bath soak came in a large tub with a cute wooden spoon inside to use to put in just the right amount to your bath. It suggests scooping a heaped spoon into your bath, allow to infuse and then soak for twenty minutes, perfect. The smell on opening hits you right away, clean, pure and a delicious hint of rose in the background. The ingredient list was impressive with Himalayan Mineral Crystal, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom salts all infused with a hint of rose, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils.

I am an avid reader of health magazines and am aware of the benefits of soaking in these salts, from helping aching limbs, detoxing, revitalise and lifting your mood. The warm water from my bath lifted the scents and my bathroom smelled like an expensive spa. My bath water had a hint of pink. I loved this product, and had no aching limbs from my run earlier in the day. From the suggested amount the generous size of the tub would allow a good few months’ worth of beautiful pink baths! I would use this product too for soaking my tired feet either after a run or a hard day at work. So more than just a bath soak.

I loved this product and look forward to trying more from their range.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.95 (450g)

Available to buy from Botanicals here.


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